Cara Delevingne is romantically involved with Ashley Benson and she’s loving every second of their relationship but what happened to her rumored romance with Paris Jackson?

Cara Delevingne, 26, and Ashley Benson, 28, shocked everyone when kissing pics between them recently emerged and now the lovebirds are reportedly getting very serious in their romantic relationship. “Cara and Ashley have not been super public about this relationship but they’re not hiding it either,” a source close to Cara EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “Their friends all know they’re dating and everyone has been very supportive — even Cara’s ex Paris Jackson has given them her stamp of approval. They’ve all hung out and everything is cool.”

Cara and Ashley’s relationship comes after Cara was rumored to have a steamy romance with Paris so it’s good to know Paris is okay with everything. Although neither Cara or Paris ever officially confirmed their relationship, the former couple was seen on numerous occasions getting cozy with major PDA. They made headlines just a few months ago in May when they stepped out together in matching outfits for a night out in New York City and it looked like they had quite a good time. We’re not sure if they were ever solely committed to each other or just keeping things casual but they definitely appeared to enjoy each other’s company whenever they were seen out and about!

Now that Cara and Paris are no longer together, the British star is absolutely crazy about Ashley. It was reported that while they were in London together, Cara was excited to introduce Ashley to her family. “Cara is getting serious about Ashley, she says she’s in love,” the source explained. “While they’re in London Cara has been planning to introduce Ashley to her family. Cara has a very big family and they’re all very close.”

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