Babies are cute, but they can sometimes do things that make their parents shake their heads. Or in the case of Cardi B, applaud their sass. It seems that Cardi B’s infant daughter gives her the middle-finger, and that’s peak parenting troubles, at least when it comes to infants. That and dirty diapers.

On July 10, Cardi B and fiancĂ© Offset welcomed their new child, Kulture Kiari Cephus. Since then, fans have gotten a glimpse or two into what motherhood is like for the rapper. While she hasn’t posted any pictures of Kulture, fans have been able to see the baby’s new crib and bassinet, her toys, and the new parents at a doctor’s visit for their baby girl. Now, Cardi B has shared a little more into her daughter’s budding personality.

That’s right, Cardi B’s baby is just as full of personality as she is. Coming into the world while flipping the bird? And still at it? Iconic, truly. And fans could only guess what the rapper’s reaction is on a day-to-day basis with little Kulture giving her the finger all the time. Who knows what else little Kulture will do, but one thing is certain, she’s definitely her mother’s daughter.

Cardi B’s pregnancy has been a pretty big deal for her and her fans. She was quiet about rumors that she was expecting, and then once she dropped her album April 6th, all focus was on that, as it should be since that debut album was a very good one. Invasion of Privacy set an Apple Music record for most streamed album in one week by a female artist. She also beat a record previously held by BeyoncĂ© of most simultaneous Billboard Hot 100 hits by a female artist.

Literally a day after her album came out, though, she finally did confirm her pregnancy during an SNL performance. That, of course, wasn’t the end of the internet’s obsession with the new female rapper. She went on to perform at Coachella a week or so later. Cardi and her baby bump could out-dance anyone on stage, and she also boasted a huge guest lineup, bringing G-Eazy, Kehlani, Chance the Rapper, and 21 Savage on stage to back her up.

Now that Cardi B’s a mom, she’s enjoying all the time she can with her baby girl. She recently dropped out of her planned tour with Bruno Mars, stating that she had overestimated her recovery time, and she also reconsidered the idea of Kulture going on tour with her. In an Instagram statement, she shared,

On top of enjoying Kulture and her new middle-finger talents, Cardi B revealed during an Instagram live that she is working on a new project that she wants to release in September that includes unreleased songs from Invasion of Privacy and new tracks. She’s also releasing a Fashion Nova line in November, if things go as planned.

So while she’s no longer going on tour with Mars, as was originally planned, we’ll always have her Coachella performance, and more hits from her in the future. In the meantime, fans can surely look forward to more awesome tales of motherhood from Cardi B.

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