Carmelo Anthony’s next career move might be based more on LeBron James’ plans than La La Anthony’s wishes. Here’s why he’s considering switching teams.

Carmelo Anthony, 33, has a lot to consider when it comes to his next career move, but the decision likely won’t involve input from La La Anthony. The Oklahoma City Thunder player might choose to switch teams based on where LeBron James, 33, ends up in the NBA. “After the terrible way the Thunder played, which resulted in them being knocked out of the playoffs, Carmelo is weighing his options for next year very heavily,” a source close to the basketball star tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “And it is not going to be what La La wants him to do. He wants to base his post season decisions on LeBron James.”

Our insider added that ‘Melo is interested in playing alongside the Cleveland Cavaliers star. “He would love to play with LeBron and would love to sign where LeBron signs. It is his first option before deciding to return to the Thunder which currently is his least exciting and last option,” our source continued. “He knows he has more in the tank and wants to end his career on his terms, and his relationship status with La La will make no difference on his professional future but LeBron’s decision will make his decision that much easier.”

Carmelo could stay where he’s at, but that decision is still very much up in the air. He has a player option, which means that even though his contract is up, he can still lock in another year with the Thunder for an agreed upon sum. In this case, that salary is worth a cool $28 million. While that’s definitely nothing to scoff at, the athlete isn’t open to being a sixth man. “I’m not sacrificing no bench role. That’s out of the question,” he told reporters on April 28. We’ll just have to wait and see where he ends up!

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