It can be hard watching the ­bikini beauties on Love Island when you’re ­feeling like a beached whale.

But you don’t have to be 22 and live in the gym to get bodies like theirs.

Sarah Lindsay, the personal trainer whipping the show’s 5ft 3in host Caroline Flack into shape, has put together a plan for Sunday Mirror readers. She claims getting a Love Island body is achievable – as long as you put in some graft.

Sarah started training with Caroline in 2016, coaching her first through the three-month course. Caroline also cut out sugar, which helped her shed more than a stone.

With her wedding to Apprentice star Andrew Brady in mind, ­Caroline has been seeing Sarah three times a week for sessions when she’s not filming in Spain.

Ex-Olympic speed-skating champ Sarah, 38, has also helped celebs including ­Sheridan Smith, Christine Lampard, Pixie Lott and Melanie Sykes with her 12-week programme.

Here, she puts me through my paces at Roar Fitness gym in Shoreditch, London to prove we can all trim down. If you can’t get to a gym, do it in front of the telly, watching those Love Island bods.

In the gym: deadlift

Use an Olympic bar with weights on either side and pick it off the floor. It’s a little bit like a squat but you’re holding the bar and you stand straight up and then put it back on the floor. Repeat that.

Works: Back, glutes and hamstrings

Chest press

Lying on a bench on your back with dumbbells in each hand, press the dumbbells up above your chest and lower them back down until there are two next to your chest.

Works: Chest, triceps

Single arm row

Put one hand and one knee on the bench so you’re in a tabletop position on the floor and hold the dumbbell with the arm straight.

Pull the elbow back until the weight is next to your chest and lower it down again. Repeat reps on either side.

Works: Back, biceps

Tricep extension

Lying flat on a bench with your hands holding dumbbells above your face, lower the dumbbells down towards your ears and straighten up from the elbow.

Works: Triceps

Front foot elevated split squat

Your front foot is elevated on a step and, with a dumbbell in each hand, lunge forwards putting the weight on to your front foot, then pushing weight back on to your back foot. Repeat the process.

Works: Quads, hamstrings, glutes

Leg press

Depending on the machine your gym has, this involves sitting in a seat and pushing a plate away from you. Put your feet against the plate, push it away from you, and then lower it back down. Repeat.

Works: Legs

Seated shoulder press

Sitting on a seat upright with dumbbells in each hand, you push them above your head, lower them down until they are near your ears and repeat.

Works: Shoulders, triceps

Bicep curl

When seated with dumbbells in your hands, bend from the elbow bringing the dumbbells up towards your shoulders then lower them back down.

Works: Biceps

At home

But you don’t need a gym membership to shape up like the stars.

Try doing these five exercises, three times a week. Do 13 to 18 repetitions each – you only need a char, sofa or step to kickstart your Love Island body routine.

Back foot elevated split squat

Have your back foot elevated on a step, or whatever is there, and front foot as forward as you can so you have room to dip down. Lower your knee to the floor and push back up.

Works: Legs

Decline press-up

Create more pressure than a normal press- up by elevating your legs on a step or similar.

Works: Chest

V hold

Start on your back with your hands on your thighs and come up into a ‘V’ position, lifting your legs and your upper body off the floor.

Works: Abdominals

Tricep dip

With your hands on a bench, step or similar, put your feet out in front of you with your legs straight. Bend from the elbow and lower your bum to the floor, pushing up again before you sit down on the floor.

Works: Arms

Glute bridge

Lie on your back on the floor with your knees bent, then lift the hips and bum off the floor, squeezing at the top to activate your glute muscles.

Works: Glutes

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