Lucy the cat is just one year old, but has become a celebrity due to her incredibly unique appearance.

The Sphynx cat lives in Isreal with her owner Zilla Bergamini, 44, and has a rare condition that affects her spine and makes her head look larger than that of other cats.

Lucy suffers from a condition called hydrocephalus, which means spinal fluid is not absorbed by her body and it accumulates around the brain instead.

Thanks to her bat-like look, Lucy has gained tens of thousands of followers on social media.

As LucyTheBatCat, she has 22,000 followers who keep an eye on how she’s doing, and have even been checking in on her amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Computer programmer Zilla said: ‘Lucy was born with hydrocephalus and it made her skull weird because she had a lot of pressure when she was tiny.  

‘Eventually, her body managed to keep the pressure to a minimum so she never really experienced neurological issues.  

‘Right now her life is basically normal.’

That said, as Lucy is so small, Zilla is looking into what her options will be in terms of fertility. Although she has come into heat, she might be too small to give birth, so would potentially have to have a caesarian if she did get pregnant.

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 Zilla posts pictures and videos of playful Lucy online, and the cat has been receiving love from people all over the world.  

‘I am in love with Lucy’ one user commented.

Another one said: ‘This cat generates a minute of joy and cuteness and laugh in this world.’

Although the world outside might be a scary place, this little bat cat isn’t scary at all, and provides some much-needed respite mentally for people who need a daily dose of cuteness.

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