THERE’s light at the end of the tunnel for Gemma Winter as her postnatal depression vlog makes her a YouTube star. 

The mum-of-four – who is played by Dolly-Rose Campbell on the ITV soap – found solace in opening up about her mental health problems at a support group and is set to realise vlogging about her experiences could be the way forward in upcoming scenes. 

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Corrie viewers were devastated to watch Gemma battle severe mental health issues in the wake of the birth of her four quads.

To make matters worse, Gemma was mocked and bullied by the other mums at her baby and parent group after she dozed off in storytime during one session.

When the bullying dawned on her, she convinced herself she was a terrible mother and plunged deeper into her depression.

Gemma’s suffering came to an awful head when she dreamt she had put baby Aled in the washing machine and woke up certain she’d murdered him. 

After months of depression and loneliness, fans were overjoyed when Gemma sought help and was finally diagnosed with postnatal depression.

The mum then made her next brave step when she opened up to a support group about her battles in recent episodes of the soap.

In episodes set to air this week, Sean suggests that Gemma should try vlogging to connect with mums across the world on YouTube and share her experience with postnatal depression.

Next week’s episodes of Coronation Street will see Gemma proudly show Chesney her vlog.

But she insists that she won’t ever be putting it online after that humiliating snap of her stuck in a turnstile while pregnant with the quads ended up on the front of the Weatherfield Gazette.

Later in the week, Chesney tries to persuade Gemma to share her vlog online but she refuses. 

But disaster strikes when baby Bryn presses a key on the laptop and posts it to YouTube. 

When Gemma realises what’s happened she scrabbles around trying to remove the video. 

But Chesney reads out all the positive comments it’s already had from other parents and convinces her not to take it down. 

Is Gemma about to be YouTube famous?

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