The household tips that EVERY ONE should know: Country Women’s Association lady shares her top home secrets – and the six products that you need in your cupboard now

  • A Country Women’s Association member revealed handy household tips to know
  • Noela MacLeod AO uses banana skin to buff boots and soda water for wine stains
  • Noela is the author of a new book entitled Thrifty Household sharing tricks
  • She said six items to own include white vinegar, salt, bicarb soda and lemon 

A Country Women’s Association member (Noela MacLeod pictured) revealed the handy household tips everyone should know

A Country Women’s Association member has revealed the handy household tips everyone should know, as well as the five budget products that work wonders at cleaning your home.

The author of the new book Thrifty Household Noela MacLeod AO said her guide is the result of years of advice and household solutions passed down by her grandmother and mother. 

‘The idea for the book came way back in 2005 when I was state president and we were expected to give little Christmas presents for everyone,’ Noela told the ABC.

‘Because I didn’t have time to give any homemade gifts, I decided to print out all of these little tips I had been collecting for the past 40 years and give them out.’ 

The book compiles all of Noela’s family tips and more from the Country Women’s Association over the years.

Some of the best include using banana skins for polishing your leather boots and cleaning up red wine stains with a splash of soda water.

‘During the war, you couldn’t readily get boot polish, so my grandma said you should peel a banana and use the inside of it to rub against your shoes before getting a cloth and rubbing it off,’ Noela said. 

She added that her grandmother would also spray their windows with a solution of vinegar and water.

Noela’s job was to clean the windows with newspaper – something which she still does to this day. 

‘Why go and buy a bottle of something if you’ve already got something in your house?’ Noela asked.

Some of her favourite household solutions include white vinegar, soda water, tea tree oil, lemons, Borax, salt and bicarb soda. 

She also said that you can use banana skins as a way to polish old boots and this is a trick she learned from her grandmother (stock image)

What are the six staples every household should have? 

* White vinegar

* Salt

* Bicarb soda

* Lemons

* Tea tree oil

* Borax  

The new book Thrifty Household (pictured) is out now

Noela explained that many of us can be thrifty if we know how, as a thrifty household is ‘making do and making over’. 

The tips included in her book are the sorts that her grandmother followed back as far as her birth in 1883, and then her mother followed and passed down.   

The Country Women’s Association of Victoria Inc. was formed on 12 March 1928. 

It is a self-funded, non-party-political, non-sectarian organisation which aims to improve conditions for women and children and make life better for families, especially those living in rural and remote Australia.

The Country Women’s Association of Victoria Inc. is actively involved in ongoing campaigns to fundraise for those affected by drought and the recent bushfire emergency.  

For more information about the new book Thrifty Household, which is available now, please click here

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