Netflix is bringing back the romantic comedy slowly but surely, and fans are here for it. According to a recent tweet, Reese Witherspoon is a fan of Netflix’s Set It Up, too. And it sounds like she wants more rom-coms now — which honestly, sounds like a great idea.

On Tuesday, along with a photo of the movie’s poster, Witherspoon tweeted:

The movie stars Glen Powell and Zoey Deutch as 20-something assistants to high-powered executives in New York City. Fed up with the long hours of thankless work, the two decide to set up their bosses romantically after a happenstance meeting in their office building’s lobby. Without spoiling the ending, let’s just say they do pull off their plan, though it doesn’t go exactly how they thought it would. And yes, the movie is super cute.

In recent months, Netflix has made a number of other rom-coms. The streaming service saw record success with teen comedy The Kissing Booth, which was released in May. In the same genre, there’s also February’s When We First Met and the upcoming To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before.

Of course, Witherspoon herself has starred in a number of romantic movies over the years, most notably the classic 2002 rom-com Sweet Home Alabama. (There are also Legally Blonde and Legally Blonde 2, but the movies aren’t exactly romantic comedies, even though Elle’s relationship with Emmett is super sweet.) Still, in recent years, the romantic comedy genre has seen a decline in popularity. Based on the success of Netflix’s recent movies, it looks like that could change soon. As Witherspoon’s tweet illustrates, fans are hungry for more romantic comedies and lighthearted fare.

Witherspoon isn’t Set It Up‘s only high-profile fan either. The official Instagram account for the movie recently posted a video of Queer Eye star Jonathan Van Ness praising Set It Up, and the clip is pretty funny on its own.

When it comes to reinventing the genre, though, Witherspoon might be in a unique position to make it happen. As the founder of her own media company Hello Sunshine, Witherspoon could choose to tell more of those romantic stories on screen, if she wanted to.

Pacific Standard, a subsidiary of Hello Sunshine, is behind movies including Gone Girl and Wild. But fans probably wouldn’t be upset if Witherspoon’s companies picked up some lighter movies, too.

Still, Witherspoon might be a little preoccupied from making any new rom-coms in the immediate future. Between the upcoming second season of HBO’s Big Little Lies and the fact that Legally Blonde 3 is happening, Witherspoon already has a ton on her plate.

But if the enthusiastic fan response to her tweet is any indication, people are more than ready for more romantic comedies. And if Witherspoon happens to be behind the new wave of romantic comedies, or even stars in them, well, that’s even better.

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