The best grazing board YET: Creative chef shares her incredible BURGER platter – complete with crusty buns, potato chips and premium patties dripping in melted cheese

  • A creative chef has made a mouthwatering twist on the classic charcuterie board
  • Sandy Coughlin, from Oregon, whipped up a grazing platter filled with burgers
  • The tray is laden with premium patties, crusty buns, chips and sliced vegetables
  • Pots of sauces like mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup and relish are dotted on top
  • Almost a kilo of cherries and summer fruits are used as decorative filling
  • Quirky takes on cheeseboards are the breakout food trend of the past 12 months

A chef has created a mouthwatering twist on the classic charcuterie board, filling enormous circular platters with mountains of ingredients to make indulgent burgers.

Sandy Coughlin, who lives in Oregon on the west coast of the US, is the brains behind the Reluctant Entertainer, a food lifestyle blog which specialises in recipes, hosting tips and unique takes on traditional cheeseboards.

Her handiwork has attracted a legion of fans on social media, with a staggering 629,000 Facebook followers and almost 89,000 on Instagram.

Ms Coughlin’s burger boards are laden with stacks of crusty buns and sliced vegetables like beef tomatoes, iceberg lettuce and red onion.

Oregon chef Sandy Coughlin, who runs popular lifestyle blog the Reluctant Entertainer, created this drool-inducing twist on the classic charcuterie board


– Three packets of hamburger buns

– 12 turkey or beef burgers

– Six to 12 slices of cheddar cheese

– One head of iceberg lettuce

– Three large tomatoes, sliced

– One large onion, thinly sliced

– One kilo of cherries or summer fruit

– Assorted flavours of chips


Source: Reluctant Entertainer

Pots of sauces, including mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup and relish, are dotted around the board, alongside pickle slices for added flavour.

Almost a kilogram of cherries and assorted summer fruits are used to fill empty space and add vibrant colour to the platter, while piles of chips in a variety of flavours add crunch in a sea of soft textures.

The standout feature is an elevated plate piled high with premium meat patties covered in melted cheddar cheese, which sits slightly above the other ingredients.

Ms Coughlin describes her burger boards as the perfect party food for summer entertaining.

‘It’s fun, light, casual – and everyone loves a dinner board!’ she writes on her website. 

Seemingly tired of tried and tested cheeseboards, quirky takes on traditional charcuterie have been Australia’s breakout food trend of the past 12 months.

Creative home cooks have been trying their hand at everything from pancake and pavlova grazing platters to fries sharing boards, which would make an ideal accompaniment for Ms Coughlin’s burger tray.

Piled high with potato snacks of all shapes and sizes, the unconventional creations are a chip lover’s dream, featuring everything from crinkle cut chips and sweet potato gems to waffle fries and wedges.

Seemingly tired of tried and tested cheeseboards, quirky takes on traditional charcuterie, like these drool-inducing fries platters – have been Australia’s breakout food trend of the past 12 months

A selection of sauces, including garlic aioli, tomato, guacamole and sweet chilli can be scattered down the centre for dipping.

The perfect party food for home gatherings, the platters are already proving popular after people started sharing photos of their boards on Instagram.

‘Pinch me, I’m dreaming!’ one fan said of the trend.

‘I still like cheese boards, but a french fry board? Yes,’ said another.

An overnight hit, one woman said she could ‘seriously get down with this’ in 2020.

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