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Sunday’s horoscope begins with the planet Mercury in Leo creating a Trine with Asteroid Chiron in Aries. A Trine in astrology is thought of as a favourable aspect of two celestial bodies 120 degrees apart.

On the chart, a Trine usually relates to flow, with planets in a harmonious angle of support.

With all this energy present on Sunday …  you will really instigate effective change

Astrologer Gregory Scott

Youtube astrologer Gregory Scott expects this combination to offer encouragement that you can heal yourself.

He said: “The Aries Moon also sits on Red Planet Mars, also in Aries.

“As a result of these two aspects, there is an awful lot of fire – apt for this weekend’s heatwave.”

The Moon also forms a Square with planets Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn.

A Square is a 90-degree astrological angle between two planets.

This is an aspect apparently able to reveal the tension, obstacles and challenges in your life that reflect the planets involved.

Mr Scott thinks this, unfortunately, spells the end of a Jupiter’s good luck period.

He said: “This instead an unwelcome era of death and destruction is ushered in.

“But all of the Fire in the astrological atmosphere will help temper this turn.

“Take some clay, put it in a kiln and you end up with this amazing piece of art.

“This result can only be created by exposing it to the ravages of your own personality.

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“Sometimes my head and my feelings may urge me to do something unplanned.

“Consequently I have to do it and just go along for the ride.

“Some things may totally go against your nature, but they are in fact necessary steps to reach your ideal destination.

“So sometimes you simply have to do things, even if they do not make sense.

“With all this energy present on Sunday – the Aries Moon, Mars in Aries and Pluto and Saturn – you will really instigate effective change.

“Use this energy to build a new platform on which you feel secure.”

Because of this advice, now may be the time to make a serious plan, should you experience a desire to move and change your career.

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