Horoscopes: Expert offers advice to This Morning callers

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The planets are aligning today to push you forwards into the New Year and they’re encouraging you to lay plans for your future. Today is the day to ask yourself what you’d like to achieve this year, and more importantly, what’s going to make you happiest. The universe is in your corner cheering you on and helping you plan for success. Here’s your horoscope for today, January 2.

It’s a new day, a new year, and today, a New Moon.

The New Moon always brings with it some form of a new beginning and brings about a shift in your energy.

Today, it’s not so much “out with the old and in with the new” but rather looking at ways to lean deeper into the things that really matter to you, bring you joy and make life richer.

Before the New Moon, the Moon was in practical and pragmatic Capricorn, and this will influence your New Moon journey.

Bringing Capricorn’s qualities of consistency and attention to detail will help you lay some very solid plans for the year ahead.

While setting your resolutions for 2022, think carefully about goals that will allow you to grow and become a fuller version of yourself as you enter 2023.

Growth often comes with experience, so look at trying new things, travelling to new destinations and fulfilling some dreams.

The universe is nudging you towards becoming the most authentic version of yourself, it wants you to pursue your passions and not be held back by fear or self-doubt.

Luckily, level-headed Capricorn will keep you from leaning too far into emotional insecurity.

Capricorn’s influence will draw your focus towards growing in maturity and common sense, so you may feel tempted by taking on greater responsibilities.

This could be stepping up at work, pursuing a relationship or even considering growing your family.

These are never decisions one takes lightly, but Capricorn will give you the right frame of mind to plan your next move meticulously before making any big decisions.

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A big goal for 2022, after two years of relative upheaval, will be getting things “under control” – whatever that looks like for you.

This might mean setting firmer boundaries with family and friends, carefully protecting your time for self-care, or taking a new approach to your finances.

Don’t fret too much if you’re not sure how to decide on your goals for 2022, the New Moon will illuminate your path forwards this year.

Elsewhere today, Mercury enters Aquarius.

This transition makes you hungry for new and original ideas, sparking your creativity.

Your thoughts will be flowing, and you may even become tongue-tied as your mouth tries to keep up with your brain.

This means others around you may not be able to keep up with your racing thoughts, but that’s OK.

You’ll be perfectly content on your creative plane, and you can impress people with results rather than ideas when the time comes.

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