Sunday’s horoscope sees a Full Moon eclipse in Capricorn occur in the very early hours of the morning. This eclipse is visible from much of Western Europe, Africa, North and South America.

The effect is very faint, as part of the Moon merely passes behind the Earth’s outer shadow.

So if you happen to catch the Full Moon in the early hours, it should emit a faint eerie feeling over its upper edge.

But faint or not, this eclipse signifies changes for the western way of life.

Something ends today, making rooms for new things, yet to come, to take its place.


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The end of the weekend is considered an opportunity to turn the page on a painful chapter of your life.

This part of your life has been off-colour for some time now.

You have likely been trying to rescue this period, trying your best to keep it afloat.

Fortunately, though, you can anticipate this time to pass with a whimper today.

You cannot flog a dead horse and no matter how you persist it is not going to win you any races.

This an opportunity to explore some new investments.

Today’s Capricorn Full Moon lunar eclipse closes the book of the past and makes space on your shelf for new stories.

This is a partial, penumbral Lunar Eclipse, marking a soft transition.

The astronomical event is considered the equivalent of taking something long gone off of the life support machine.

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Sunday is therefore thought to be a time to let go.

Neptune in Pisces is in total harmony with today’s eclipse.

This combination may provide the healing waters to help you wash away the past.

You might feel emotional slightly sad or a little weak for a few hours.

But you could also feel inspired, compassionate, full of creative ideas for the future.

Once this last eclipse in Capricorn – and the final eclipse of the season – is over, you are ready to start a new project.

The Moon Conjuncts gas giant Jupiter and distant dwarf Pluto by midnight tonight.

Astrological Conjunctions are believed to be the most powerful aspect in astrology, mutually intensifying the effects of the planets involved; they are a major point in an individual’s chart.

Whether the conjunction in question is regarded as beneficial or detrimental depends on the specific planets involved.

Today’s aspect may leave you in no doubt as to what needs to be done.

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