March 21- April 19

No matter what else you might have on your agenda today, social activity is a must. You've got energy to burn. Visiting a noisy restaurant, party or nightclub with friends might be just the thing! If getting out on the town isn't your style, find ways to spice up your life at home. It's a great day to enjoy a romantic date or release your own inner child by playing with your kids.

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April 20-May 20

An expansive mood might lead you to bite off more than you can chew today. Fortunately, you have plenty of strength and stamina, so working through a tough project or a long day at the office is simply a matter of putting your head down and taking care of business. Just make sure you don't stand in your own way. Stubbornness is one example of an obstacle that's easily avoided.


May 21-June 21

You'll wake up feeling enthusiastic, and the day just gets better from there. There's a spring in your step, even if you're walking into the office for a long day at work. You're in the kind of mood that helps you turn even the most tedious of activities into a party. You're talkative and fun-loving, and other people take their cue from you. So set that lighthearted tone!


June 22-July 22

Spend time with children today, or engage in playful activities to access your own inner child. No matter what age or maturity level you might be, it's perfectly appropriate to kick back now and have some fun. Normally you're a private person, but you might be in the mood to ham it up a little. A game of charades played with loved ones would be a great way to let your theatrical side shine.


July 23-August 22

Today is your day to shine. You're in command of your own power and brilliance. You can achieve just about anything, as long as you proceed with courage! Remember, though, that beneath that incredible self-confidence lies a vulnerable soul. You want others' approval and support. If you don't receive it, don't worry — and don't take it personally. Keep working hard, and the kudos will come.


August 23-September 22

It's a great day for romance. Yes, even your practical soul needs to indulge in sweet passion, affection or creativity sometimes! So connect with someone special, make a plan with a friend, or take yourself out on a date. Absorb some artwork at a museum or enjoy a picnic under open skies. There are many ways to enjoy the current influence. You just have to be creative.


September 23-October 22

Today, you shine without even trying. Your people-person skills are readily apparent to everyone around you. Even if your friends or coworkers are getting stubborn and tense, you can step in, negotiate peace and have everyone laughing like old pals in no time. This is a real talent, and one that comes in handy in a variety of situations. Tap into it not just to keep the peace, but to launch an important project.


October 23 – November 22

Follow your muse today. You're full of creative power, which gives rise to some incredible ideas. But it might be a good idea to work on your own instead of as part of a team. Ego clashes are a possibility now. You want to do things your own way, and you don't want to compromise. Either strive to make room for everyone's vision, or just do your own thing.


November 23-December 20

Today you're infused with the romance of life itself. You might feel a heady sense of connectedness with the world around you. There's poetry in sunlight, flowers and, yes, the birds and the bees! Indulge in chatting and laughing with your friends, and maybe a little harmless flirting, too. Playing that role of natural-born charmer comes easily to you, and there's nothing wrong with enjoying it!


December 21-January 19

Your flashy side comes out today. Yes, you do have one, despite your typically serious nature! This may come out as an urge to boast about your accomplishments or to show off just a little in your new clothes or car. There's nothing wrong with that — hey, if you've got the goods, why not flaunt them? But other people need to shine, too. Be sensitive to that.


January 20-February 18

A playful mood bubbles up within you today. You're feeling quite creative and self-expressive, which is especially wonderful if your job or hobby is in a creative field. It's also a great time to get together with friends and family. Just be sure to keep things light and fun — especially if someone seems to be showing off! Be a good audience member, and wait for your turn to shine.


February 19-March 20

Your emotions take on a grand scope today. You're feeling things in big, bold relief. For example, a love connection might inspire feelings of great passion, but it could also bring up feelings of disillusionment. It's also possible that you'll give your affection to someone in such a devoted, selfless way that you forget to expect their affection in return. Enjoy the company of loved ones, but try to stay grounded, too.

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