The actor opens up about re-teaming with his ex and shares his pick for the next movie’s opening kill.

David Arquette is stepping back into Dewey Riley’s shoes for a fifth “Scream” movie — and, after four outings on the run from Ghostface, he hopes the character has a new outlook on life.

The actor first played the then-Deputy in 1996’s “Scream,” before reprising the role in and surviving all three sequels. He recently confirmed he’ll return for the next film alongside ex-wife Courteney Cox, a film being directed by “Ready or Not” duo Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett. Neve Campbell hasn’t signed on yet, but confirmed she’s been in talks.

TooFab caught up with Arquette ahead of the VOD release of his new documentary, “You Cannot Kill David Arquette.” In the doc, his wife Christina McLarty says David’s role as Dewey — and a WCW stunt — were part of the reason he started to become typecast in “goofball” roles.

When asked what he’d like to see from “2021 Dewey” — should the movie actually come out next year — Arquette told us it’s “pretty wild” to have played the character for so long.

“It’s gonna be funny because the first one he was just this 25 or 26-year-old and now he’s, well 49 by the time we film it,” he said with a laugh. “It’s pretty wild to have that long of a span and doing the same character so, I hope they explore some of that.”

“The one thing I’ve noticed, the older you get, the less shiny the world looks,” he added. “You can see it clearer, but then it becomes about finding those beautiful things that are often a walk in the park or a gust of wind, you know what I mean? That are really what life’s all about.”

Courteney Cox Returning as Gale Weathers for Scream 5

At one point in the documentary, Cox talks about her relationship with David, noting that the two “met on Scream 1, hated each other on Scream 2, got married on Scream 3 and divorced on Scream 4.” Their real life basically mirrored their characters, with “Scream 4” highlighting the marital strife between Dewey and Gale Weathers.

“4 didn’t end well,” Arquette agreed when asked where we could find the couple after their drama in the last film. “I don’t know where they’ll be, but it’s exciting.”

Of his ex, he added, “I love working with her. I mean, we have a daughter together, Coco. So, we co-parent really well together, but it’s always fun to act opposite of her. She’s a tremendous actor, so I’m excited for that. It’ll be fun.”

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It wouldn’t be a “Scream” movie without a memorable opening kill. Drew Barrymore’s death in the original will go down in history as one of the best horror movie scenes ever, Jada Pinkett Smith’s was both frightening and heartbreaking, the franchise took out one of their own with Liev Schreiber for part 3, and 4 enlisted multiple celebrities — including Kristen Bell and Anna Paquin — for a series of “Stab” fake-outs before the real thing.

When asked who he’d “dream cast” for the opening kill in “Scream 5,” Arquette had a hard time answering — not wanting to “seem mean” — before finally deciding on two options.

“I’m not sure … who would be the best person to kill? I don’t know, I don’t want to kill anybody,” he exclaimed. “I don’t want anyone to die. I’m trying to say people, but then they all seem mean, and I don’t like being mean.”

“Oh, one of the Logan brothers!” he finally answered. “That’s who we should kill. Logan Paul, or his brother. I’m sorry, I don’t know, I had to pick someone!”

“You Cannot Kill David Arquette” is in drive-ins now and hits VOD on August 28. “Scream 5” is due out in 2021.

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