They're back?

Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift, once the most unavoidable celebrity BFFs on the planet, apparently just reunited at Swift's Nashville, Tennessee concert on Saturday evening. This is not a drill: Fans spotted Kloss in the VIP section of the stadium, recording Swift's performance of "Blank Space" on her phone, a song that, per Twitter, Swift sang "to" Kloss. The feud, if there ever was one, looks like it is over.

In the 1989 era, the pop star and supermodel were basically inseparable, their many public outings documented by paparazzi, fashion magazines, and themselves via social media. (For perhaps a fuller picture of this twosome's relationship than is accurate, Google "Kaylor.") Then Donald Trump won the election and suddenly Swift was dealing with Kimye fallout and Kloss was laying low with her then-boyfriend, now-fiancée Josh Kushner. The two friends seemed to have separated. Swift didn't even congratulate Kloss on her engagement on Instagram.

It's hardly uncommon for two grown women with busy careers and demanding schedules to take a little time apart without there being some big blow-up or drama at the center of it. But Swift and Kloss's super-public friendship really seemed to go from 60 to zero. Or maybe they just got tired of being photographed so much and decided to take the friendship offline.

Kloss wasn't the only special guest at the concert, either. Swift brought out none other than Tim McGraw and Faith Hill to sing "Tim McGraw," her first ever single, on stage with her. In a way, this reunion is even more epic. The days when Swift sang about (and opened for) McGraw predate the Kloss era. That was back in the age of her curly hair and, um, questionable country accent.

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