Spoilers for the Dietland finale ahead. The Kettle has finally boiled over — Alicia "Plum" Kettle, that is. In the final moments of the Dietland Season 1 finale, main character Plum (Joy Nash) makes a huge decision from which she can’t go back. As sirens blare and the FBI storms the terrorist organization Jennifer’s headquarters, leader Soledad (Selenis Leyva) gives the exhausted Plum an unexpected easy out, instead of running to the getaway car: "Tell them you were a hostage." Still, at the last second, Plum chooses instead to summon up all her strength and run (eff you, Sofia) after the Jennifer getaway car and get in. Plum is all in. Now that being part of Jennifer will be more dangerous then ever, is it possible that Plum will leave Jennifer in Season 2, or is it already too late?

Not only is Plum the protagonist, but she’s also the narrator of the story. Every episode starts with her voiceover and her description of events. Ariana Romero of Refinery29 points out that Plum narrates everything in the past tense, insinuating that she’s talking to us from the future, and the actions unfolding on screen are no longer happening in narrator Plum’s time. If this is true, then fans can expect Plum to live until at least the end of the story in order to be able to tell it all herself. She is a writer, after all. Whether or not she decides to leave Jennifer, this does seem to imply that she’ll at least survive long enough to get the clarity of mind to tell her own story at some point in the future.

Plus, Kitty has already asked Dom to find him a Jennifer connection. Little do either of them know, they already have one — if Plum ever answers their calls. If Kitty manages to make contact with Jennifer, Plum will almost certainly be the one sent to negotiate with her. Watching the new terrorist Plum go head to head with Kitty would be a scene worth waiting another year for.

If you hoped the finale of Dietland Season 1 would leave you with a warm and fuzzy, love-yourself-and-the-rest-will-follow inspirational quote to chew on until Season 2, well then you clearly haven’t been reading your manifesto. Dietland is about women rebelling against the patriarchal society that makes them so resentful of their own bodies, and unfortunately, that’s not the feel-good kind of subject matter. Plum isn’t supposed to be a role model, she’s supposed to be angry. And with all that anger finally boiling over, well, I would expect that she’ll stay with Jennifer for as long as the volatile terrorist organization can hold on. The next question is, then, how long will that be?

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