Divorcee, 50, credits a ‘magic box’ face lift loved by the Marbella set with helping her bag a boyfriend a DECADE younger (and it’s coming to the UK)

  • EXCLUSIVE: Catherine Williams, 50, of Winchester, lost ‘sparkle’ after divorce
  • She lost weight and stopped putting as much effort into her appearance 
  • She underwent The Magic Box non-surgical face lift in Marbella, Spain
  • The procedures uses needles to stimulate the collagen and elastin under skin
  • She’s now bagged a boyfriend who is nine years younger than her

A divorcee has credited a new non-surgical facelift loved by Marbella socialites with helping her get her sparkle back – and it takes just two hours to complete.

Divorce took its toll on Catherine Williams, 50, an interior designer and former model from Winchester, who began dropping weight and losing sleep when she was left an exhausted single mother-of-four three years ago.

But during a 50th birthday holiday to Marbella with friends, a pal recommended she try a new facelift loved by the Marbella set to help boost her confidence.

The treatment, which Catherine says is painless and takes less than two hours, involves stimulating the collagen and elastin under the skin using polymer threads that are fed under the skin via a needle.

Now Catherine says she feels her life has ‘taken off’ again following the treatment which is about to come to the UK – and she’s bagged a ‘gorgeous’ boyfriend nine years younger than her.  

Catherine Williams, 50, said she lost her ‘sparkle’ after going through divorce three years ago, which took its toll on her looks (pictured: before her face lift)

She had a non-surgical face lift called The Magic Box, which involves stimulating the collagen and elastin under the skin using collagen threads (pictured after the procedure)

The treatment costs around £2,000 with results said to last up to two years, and is billed as a less painful alternative to Botox.

During the procedure, polymer threads – which dissolve over time – are fed under the skin with a needle, and then anchored using smalls barbs, which stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin in the skin. 

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The threads used are smaller than those used in other non-surgical facelift procedures, allowing for intricate areas such as around the eyes, eyebrows and forehead to be treated.

It’s only been available in Marbella until now, but it is about to launch in the UK too. 

Dr Arias, of the Graal Clinic, Marbella, said: ‘Usually, even with normal thread face lifts, patients will also need botox and fillers in order to eradicate fine lines mostly in the upper face and neck. 

‘However, with the new Magic Box Facelift, we have managed to remove the need for additional treatments, as the new mini threads can reach those delicate areas too.

Catherine lost weight when she was left a single mum of four without a career following the divorce (pictured after the procedure)

The threads, which will eventually dissolve up two years later, are fed under the skin with a needle (Catherine pictured before, left and after, right)

Dr Arias added: ‘The Magic Box facelift retains all expression in the face while removing fine lines and lifting the entire face, neck and forehead, correcting sagging skin and removing wrinkles. It’s the next step in thread face lifting.’

Catherine started going on dates but had no luck with men (pictured now)

Catherine, who has four children between the ages of 11 and 19, found herself alone and without a career when her husband ended their marriage, an experience she called ‘traumatic’.

She decided to try and build up a career in interior design, at the same time her children were doing GCSEs and A-Levels.

She said: ‘Somehow, I found the energy to do it all but it took the most horrendous toll on my health and my looks. 

‘My sleep had become very disturbed and I’d stopped a lot of sports and hobbies I’d once enjoyed due to lack of time and motivation. 

‘I’d been a model for a while in my early 20s and despite having four children and a very hectic life as a full-time mum I’d managed somehow to hold on to my looks as well as I could.

‘After my divorce, I lost a great deal of weight. I was so busy I just didn’t have time to eat properly.’ 

The stress she was under put an enormous strain on her body, and her periods even stopped for a while. She started losing interest in her appearance, and swapped her wardrobe of designer dresses for jeans and trainers. 

Catherine added: ‘Friends started dropping odd comments asking if I was ‘ok’ and ‘did I need help’. No one has ever asked me that kind of thing before because I’m always very capable.’

A friend recommended she try the procedure, which she described as being ‘painless’ with a quick recovery

Her friends set her up on dates with their other single friends, but none of them amounted to much, which she believes is down to not wanting to date a divorced woman.

She said: ‘I started to wonder if anyone would ever want me again. I used to always get so many compliments from men, but now I felt almost invisible. 

‘They would be sympathetic and sweet, but not attracted towards me. There would be no eagerness to get my number or arrange a second date.’ 

On one date she opened up about her marriage, and when the man held her hand to comfort her and she couldn’t contain her emotions.

Catherine continued: ‘Tears were streaming down my face and I found myself telling him all about my ruined life. 

‘He told me that the root of it all was that I had very little love for myself and how could I expect to fall in love again if I didn’t really love me. He said that the light had ‘gone out’ in my eyes.’ 

Now six months on from undergoing the face lift, Catherine said she doesn’t regret a thing

This was the turning point for Catherine, and she knew she had to do something to get her out of her rut.

She organised a joint week-long 50th birthday celebration for herself and two friends in Puerto Banús, Spain, a trip she called ‘liberating’.

On the trip Catherine was reunited with a friend she hadn’t seen for a couple of years, who looked ten years younger than her real age.

The friend put her youthful glow down to the Magic Box, which she called the ‘secret weapon’ of the Marbella set.

Convinced by her transformation, she went for a consultation with Dr Arias, owner of the Graal Clinic in Puerta Banus, and found herself telling the doctor all about her woes on the day of the appointment. 

Catherine has now met someone new – and nine years younger – and says her life has turned around

Catherine recalled: ‘She told me with complete assurance that I would be ‘absolutely fine’ and that I was simply in a confidence ‘rut’. In a humbling matter of fact tone she said, ”But do not expect miracles. I can fix your face, but only you can fix yourself”.’

The divorcee said the procedure had been ‘surprisingly painless’ and she could see the results within days.

The full results of the procedure take two to three weeks to show, which allows the skin to ‘smooth out and fill out’. 

Six months on from the procedure Catherine said she doesn’t regret a thing.   

‘I’ve also met someone,’ she said. ‘He’s nine years younger than me and we met on the golf course and he’s gorgeous. 

‘I can’t believe my luck that he seems so besotted by me. Of course, I worry about his age, but he tells me every day that when he met me he thought I was actually younger than him and still can’t believe I have four kids.

‘I’m trying not to worry too much about the future and whether he’ll always be entirely suitable or not and I’m learning to just enjoy the moment and see where it leads.’ 

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