The sacrifices we make for the ones we love!

While plenty of pooch parents are celebrating Take Your Dog to Work Day on June 22, there are those left out of the holiday because their office isn’t pet-friendly.

Ollie, a human-grade dog food company, feels for these dog moms and dads who are still solo at their desks on Take Your Dog to Work Day, so they polled some of these animal lovers to see what they would do to get their canine companion into the office.

One in four of those who responded to the 2018 Ollie Dogs in the Workplace Survey said they would give up three vacations days if it meant their dog would be allowed in the office. Additionally, 70 percent of pet parents in no-pet offices polled said they would show up to work earlier if it meant they could bring their dog in, and 68 percent said they would stay later.

These weren’t the only numbers that showed dog lovers are willing to work harder when their furry friend is by their side: The same survey found that the majority of dog owners who were allowed to bring their dogs to work felt more happy and sociable, and less stressed.

With perks like these it isn’t surprising that two-thirds of those polled who couldn’t bring their pets to work would be willing to switch to another company if it meant getting pet-friendly perks.

Bottom line: it looks like everyone would be happier with a few dogs in the office.

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