Summer is officially here! Along with those fun in the sun days comes those not so fun sunburns.

Even if your sunburn turns into a gorgeous tan, while it is burnt, it hurts like nobody’s business. There are though several ways to treat sunburn so it will not ruin your summer every time you get one.

It is easy to get sunburnt everyone knows that. However, what most people don’t know is treating it can be just as easy. According to GQ, the right treatment will not only ease the pain but also get rid of the burn quicker.


The first step in treating your sunburn is the most important; avoid any further exposure to the sun. It may not be what you want to hear but it is vital. Until it is healed, the burn will only get worse in the sun.

Next up, take pain relief pills such as Ibuprofen or Advil. The medicine will reduce your pain you feel from the burn. Also, take a lot of cool showers and baths. The cold water helps take the sting out of the burn. Then you will apply soothing lotions, which need to contain aloe vera. There is also an aloe vera gel you can apply, it works well, but is sticky on the skin.

The last step in treating sunburn is to stay hydrated. This may seem like a silly step, but the more hydrated you are, the more hydrated your skin will be and the burn will heal faster.

By following all the above steps you will treat your sunburn in a healthy and quick manner. There are no easy quick fixes for sunburn only those that will treat it. However, should you develop blisters, have chills, fever or nausea, you should seek medical attention immediately since your sunburn is severe and will need to be treated differently.

It is summer, and that means most of us will get sunburnt at some point. Be sure to do everything you can to prevent burning like wear sunscreen, wear a hat, walk in the shade, etc. However, if you do end up a little on the crispy side follow the steps for treating it and be back to enjoying the summer fun in no time.


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