Let’s ‘Talk’ about Why Don’t We! The boy band released another hot new song, and their fans are going crazy over the track. Listen to ‘Talk’ and see the best fan reactions here!

Why Don’t We released another single of their upcoming album and there’s only one word to describe how fans (including us!) are feeling about it: SHOOKETH. The boy band’s new song is a bit of a departure from their usual stuff, but that’s totally a good thing. Just ask their adoring fans, who are raving about the track on YouTube and Twitter. Seriously; it’s getting wild out there. You can listen to “Talk” above and freak out at home, too!

“Talk” is about a relationship going up in flames because the couple don’t communicate well. They talk and talk — but neither are actually listening to each other. Here’s a snippet of lyrics, sung by Jonah Marais: “We go, breaking up like cell phones/ When I speak, ’cause you don’t listen when I talk/ Dial tone, nothing but that high note/ When you speak ’cause I don’t listen when you talk”. Love it.

Here’s what their fans are saying: “In each and every new song they always become even better and better! 😍 What a great summer tune!” palemoonlight96 commented on YouTube. “I AM ‘HOOKED’ TO THIS SONG. THESE BOYS ARE THE ONLY THING I ‘TALK’ ABOUT ;),” commented someone named “why don’t we just imagine“. Clever!

“i want to marry this song holy sh*t,” wrote Taryn Jayn Leber. And Katrina Tapnio had a major meltdown, basically: “Their music keeps getting better and better. Corbyn and Jacks vocals together was heaven. OH MY GOD!! Daniels voice sounds AMAZING, Jonah DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED!! ZACH OPENING THE SONG YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2:20-2:36 would be my favorite part. Also Corbyn at the end with that high not is EVERYTHINGGGGGGGG!!!! I am so ready for their album.”

Same goes for Callie Carter, who commented, “IM NOT EVEN OVER HOW DAMN GOOD HOOKED IS THEN YOU RELEASE THIS LIKE BICH WHERE IS MY WIG AHHHHHH. I am a little salty that Zach only has one part but other than that BICH THIS IS FIRE AND JONAH AHHHHH OMG ANY ONE WHO HATES WHY DONT WE FIGHT ME YOU WONT LAST”. Same girl, same.

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