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Good Morning Britain health expert Dr Sarah Jarvis has offered a warning on a common "bed sheet hack" to get a good night's sleep during the heatwave in summer.

Host Kate Garraway shared a popular idea to beat the heat during night time.

She said: "I tried the whole dipping your bed sheet in water, it does work a bit but then you get too chilly."

The 53-year-old also said she tried filling a hot water bottle with cold water and then putting it in the freezer.

A viewer tweeted to the show and suggested to "have a cold shower" just before bed.

Jumping in to respond the common hacks, Sarah told Kate and her co-star Adil Ray that people should be mindful when trying out the tips.

She says: "We don't want to have a really cold shower.

"If you have a cool shower and then allow the water to evaporate off your skin… it will definitely help cool you down."

She also commented on the hot water bottle idea, adding: "They stole my idea about the cold hot water bottles, but please don't forget; never put ice directly onto your skin because that can cause ice burns.

"But a cool flannel around your neck, and possibly putting sheets in the freezer, but not again risking any ice burns, can help."

Kate got confused though, unsure how to fit a whole duvet into a freezer.

Thankfully, Sarah was quick to point out there was a misunderstanding and clarified that you only need to put your sheets into the chiller.

She said: "Oh I think I had in my mind a duvet," with Sarah joking: "Yeah a bit different, don't need one of those at the minute."

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