As a beauty tool that has garnered a rather large cult following, Dyson’s Supersonic Hair Dryer inspires hype that’s unlikely to dry down. The name Dyson is practically synonymous with the words sleek, chic, and pristine, making all our other hair tools look rather lackluster. No other hair-dryer drop has broken the bar set by the powerful device, and it still remains as standard-setting of a tool as the day it first debuted. It even won an award from InStyle back in 2017 and to this day maintains relevance by dangling the most tempting updates before our eyes — the latest being the launch of a limited-edition set in the dazzling color fuchsia.

The newly released hot pink hair dryer has all the bells and whistles of the original, yet comes complete with additional goodies: a vented round brush, detangling comb, smoothing nozzle, styling concentrator, diffuser, non-slip mat, and a storage hanger for all your blow-out needs. The lightweight tool is ideal for everyday styling, equipped with magnetic attachments so you can switch between them with ease. Use the 1.4mm brush to shape your hair while drying, or attach the thin styling concentrator for a high-velocity gust of air. The diffuser is well-suited for those looking to tame frizzy curls. while the smoothing nozzle will give you complete air control.

Known for its heat-protecting technology, the tool styles your hair at lightning speed while shielding it from excessive heat thanks to its varying settings. The heat-control feature continuously measures the air temperature so as not to overheat and cause any damage to your strands. The dryer claims to increase the smoothness of your hair by 75 percent while increasing shine by 135 percent, so the odds of you seeing a major difference in your hair look pretty good.

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The limited-edition launch comes just in time for Mother’s Day, but we wouldn’t judge if you gifted this to yourself. You can get the Dyson dryer and all its bonus accessories for $400 at Nordstrom.

Dyson Supersonic Fuchsia Hair Dryer Set

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