LEYLA Harding’s stalker is finally exposed next week in Emmerdale following a violent showdown. 

Viewers of the ITV soap know someone has got it in for Leyla after the Take a Vow office was trashed back in May. So who could it be?

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How does Leyla finally discover who her stalker is in Emmerdale?

Leyla’s stalker will be revealed next week after David is unsettled when he bumps into a man named Gaz buying breath spray in the shop.

Gaz boasts that he’s on his way to a date and David is baffled when he realises he must mean Leyla, who is supposed to be back with Liam.

Later, Jacob and Liam watch Gaz approach Leyla from across the village. 

Leyla looks startled by his appearance but eventually lets him into the premises.

What's going on?

Later in the week, Leyla overhears a noise in the office and is shocked when a shadowed figure jumps out at her. 

She manages to lash out and get a hit at the culprit before they escape. 

Later, Leyla calls the police but it soon dawns on her who her tormentor might be.

Who is Leyla’s stalker in Emmerdale?

After Leyla’s office was trashed in May, Leyla was pretty certain she knew who the culprit was and immediately set out to confront Leanna Cavanagh.

When Leanna categorically denied any wrong doing and provoked her further, Leyla ended up lashing out and slapping the teen round the face. 

If it isn’t Leanna, who could it be?

Emmerdale are yet to confirm who the culprit is, and fans will have to tune in next week to find out.

Might Leyla’s stalker be Maya back for revenge?

Emmerdale are yet to confirm who Leyla’s stalker is, but that hasn’t stopped fans speculating that it’ll be Maya back for revenge. 

One fan tweeted: "Maya definitely behind all the cancellations of Leyla business!#emmerdale."

Another fan added: "Is Kim really the one behind tryna ruin Leyla's business? Or maybe it's actually Maya back for revenge?#Emmerdale."

Emmerdale fans will of course remember that, before Maya was taken away by the police for abusing David’s son Jacob, she frequently came to blows with Leyla.

And with Emmerdale introducing a storyline about David stepping into the dating world again from next week, might it signal Maya's return?

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