Ex-lawyer turns nymphomaniac and quits for OnlyFans as clients keep flirting

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A former lawyer and self-confessed “bisexual nymphomaniac” revealed that she quit her high-flying job to become a successful OnlyFans model – and can now make up to $300,000 (£229,000) per month.

Sonia Lebeau, 29, travels the world constantly while feeling x-rated content for her OnlyFans page which pays far more than she ever earned as a lawyer.

She also posts about her work and travels on social media – on Instagram, @imsonialebeau, and Twitter, @imsonialebeau.

The gorgeous blonde joined the platform just six months ago after quitting her legal job – something that may have surprised friends and family.

Sonia told the Daily Star: “I joined OnlyFans last year, in September, before that I was a lawyer, as all my family are lawyers and my father is a judge.

“I wasn’t feeling comfortable being a lawyer.

“A lawyer’s life it’s not as ‘romantic’ and exciting job, like you see in the movies. It’s mostly paperwork.”

But, it wasn’t just the boring work that made Sonia decide to leave the industry as her clients had an effect too.

She explained: “Most of the time, the clients that I’ve work with was flirting with me and pointing their eyes in my breasts, making it difficult to keep eye contact and maintain a professional relationship.”

Sonia wasn’t sure what else to turn her hand to, until a friend invited her to come over for some X-rated activities.

She said: “One day my girlfriend asked me to film a lesbian clip with her for her OnlyFans account.

“The clip had such success that I earned much more than a regular income from my lawyer job.

“That’s the moment when I decided to start an OnlyFans on my own..”

Fans pay the stunning model a monthly amount to access her exclusive content and can even pay extra for Sonia to fulfil custom requests.

“The most bizarre request was I was approached by a millionaire and he proposed to pay me with a huge amount of money to see me on a regular basis and to go on vacations,” said Sonia.

“But after I refused him he understood my reasons.

“I often also receive filming requests about feet content, girl/girl content and sometimes I get threesome requests.”

Now her account makes an average of between $70,000 (£53,000) and $100,000 (£76,300) every single month and has helped her to learn more about herself.

Sonia commented: “Being an OnlyFans model allows me to be me and made me discover my sexuality – I’m a bisexual nymphomaniac – it provokes me to learn new interesting things and the most important, to do what I love, which is the most fun part about it.”

And, despite her father being a judge and the rest of her family lawyers they all support Sonia wholeheartedly.

The model explained: “Despite their jobs, my family gave me their fully support, they believe that the key in life is to do what you love.

“I recently met someone who supports me and sometimes I film with him and my girlfriend.”

Sonia’s massive pay checks allow her to live a life of luxury having travelled to over 30 countries and bought flash cars – but she’s also thinking of investing in plastic surgery when, for now, she’s all natural.

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She commented: “I mostly earn between £70k – £100,000 (approximately £53-75,000), although I had a month when I made £300,000 (around £227,000).

“With my earnings I bought an BMW X5, however I didn’t buy a house yet, because I am a crypto enthusiast and I invest everything in crypto.

“Soon I’ll be launching my own NFT.

“I don’t have any plastic surgery, but I was thinking about a breast reduction. I am passionate about tennis and it’s hard to enjoy my hobby!”

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