Experts claim King Charles was closer to the Queen Mother growing up

Royal experts claim King Charles was ‘closer to his grandmother’ growing up as the Queen was ‘not a comforting figure’ in ITV documentary about the new monarch

  •  The show says there are ‘many different views of the man and his mission’
  •  Claims that The late Queen was not a ‘all-encompassing mother’ 
  •  The new monarch was said to be closer to the Queen Mother growing up 
  • Experts claimed he had a ‘miserable childhood’ on ‘Planet Windsor’ 

Royal experts claimed that King Charles III was ‘closer to the Queen Mother’ as a young boy, as his largely absent monarch mother wasn’t a ‘comforting’ figure during an apparently ‘miserable childhood’.

ITV documentary Charles: Our King aired tonight at 9pm, giving an inside view on his upbringing and how it shaped a ‘sensitive’ young boy into the King he is today. 

Heartwarming black and white videos painted an idyllic family picture, showing the Queen beaming in delight at a four-week-old Charles.

A young King Charles pictured hand in hand with the Queen Mother who her ‘forged a close bond with while his mother was away’

Prince Charles as a young boy, commentators have claimed he had a ‘miserable’ childhood on ‘planet Windsor’

The documentary Charles: Our New King explores the complex personality of the monarch calling him both ‘sensitive’ and ‘egotistical’

However, royal commentators said that they thought the young prince had a ‘miserable childhood’. 

The late Queen was coronated in 1953 when Charles was four years old. A clip of him at the coronation showed him standing next to his grandmother the Queen Mother, as they looked on at the monarch being crowned in front of the entire world. 

Catherine Mayer, author of Charles: The Heart of a King, said: ‘He grew up in an isolated world, I dubbed it ‘Planet Windsor’. 

‘It operates on a slightly different set of rules to planet Earth. It looks and sounds like ours but it is very lonely. 

‘He was very young when his mother became Queen and the bond he had with his mother was never as strong as it might have been because she had a lot of duties.’ 

The children lived on the top floor of Buckingham Palace at the time where there was a nursery wing and the Queen would visit her children. 

The young King and his grandmother, the Queen Mother, pictured out and about in the 50’s when Charles’ mother was crowned Sovreign at 27 and had a lot of duties including a six-month-long commonwealth tour  

Penny Junor, author of Charles: Victim or Villian? said: ‘The Queen would go up and visit Charles but more often than not she held back, she wasn’t that all-encompassing comfort that a child normally expects from a mother.’ 

Clips were then shown of Charles beaming up at Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, King George VI’s widow, on a train platform, as the narrator explained that he would ‘form a close bond with the Queen Mother’ as his parents were often away touring the world. 

In 1954 the Commonwealth tour lasted six months, Catherine Mayer described the moment Charles was reunited with his mother after her long stint abroad.

She said: ‘Finally the royal yacht docked, and the dignitaries stood waiting. The young prince was so eager he lined up with the dignitaries to see his mother. 

The film asked what kind of monarchy lies ahead with King Charles at the helm, with many saying it will be ‘scaled down’

‘The first thing she apparently uttered to him after not seeing him for these four months was “oh not you dear”.’

Dr Piers Brendan, a royal author and historian gave a conflicting view to the accounts of Charles being sensitive, and claimed that he was egotistical as well as caring and kind, saying: ‘Of course he is egotistical. He has been told he is the greatest for a very long time.’ 

The depiction of the 73-year-old King was complex, describing his soft, sensitive nature but also a ‘steel backbone’ forged at Gordonstoun school. 

Former prime minister David Cameron claimed his wife Samantha wanted to sit next to Charles at dinner parties as he was ‘the most charming, interesting man’. 

Speculations were cast by experts that the monarchy under the new King would be ‘tight-knit and scaled down’.  

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