Facebook post trying to sell leftover Chinese takeaway goes viral

‘It’s yours for a fiver’: Woman’s cheeky Facebook post asking if anyone wants to buy her leftover Chinese takeaway including ‘undipped chicken balls’ goes viral

  • Rebecca Webb, from Devonport, in Plymouth, shared a picture of her leftovers
  • Health care assistant said on Facebook it had ‘only been sat for a few hours’ 
  • Dozens of people commented on the joke post and asked if she would deliver 

A bizarre post on Facebook has gone viral after a woman cheekily tried to sell her leftover Chinese takeaway for a fiver.

Rebecca Webb, from Devonport, in Plymouth, shared a picture of her order saying it had only been ‘sat there for a few hours’ and she’d paid ‘well over £39 for it.’

Although she didn’t advertise the contents of the containers, she did post pictures of three plastic boxes, two tubs and a bag of prawn crackers – as the remaining food for sale.

However Rebecca later revealed there were four ‘undipped’ chicken balls, an ‘untouched’ chicken curry and ‘half a bag of cold chips’ included in the bundle, reports Plymouth Live.   

Rebecca Webb, from Devonport, in Plymouth, pictured, jokingly shared a picture of her leftover Chinese takeaway asking if anyone would like to buy it for £5 

Rebecca shared a picture of the containers saying it had only been sitting ‘for a few hours’

She even offered to deliver the dinner saying: ‘Can deliver for small free need to walk my dog anyway. Let me know.’ 

The post was later shared on Facebook group U Ok Hun? and has received more than 500 comments.

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Some were confused at why the woman would want to sell on her leftovers and others joked that there wouldn’t be any meat left in the boxes.

One joked: ‘Why don’t they have it for breakfast like a normal person???’ 

Dozens of people questioned why the food was being sold and laughed at the listing online

Another said: ‘Bet all the chicken has been picked out. It’ll all be sauce and veggies.’

Other hungry jokers asked if she’d send the food to France, or even Australia. 

Rebecca later told the i newspaper that her sale didn’t go as plan and no one bought it, revealing: ‘I had it for my tea last night. 

‘I was ‘selling’ due to eating too much prawn toast and satay chicken…was so full. There was house special rice, chips, crispy chilli beef, chicken balls, chicken curry.’ 

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