These are unprecedented times, but designers have proved how resilient and creative they can be.

September 2020 Fashion Month looks quite different than it ever has before. While designers have struggled to keep their businesses afloat amid this global pandemic, many are also grappling with how to present their collections in a format that is cost-effective, creative, and — of course — socially-distanced.

With the coronavirus pandemic profoundly changing people’s everyday lives the world over, designers are abandoning the traditional runway show format for safer alternatives. In London, Milan, and Paris, brands are drastically reducing the number of people present at their physical shows — or choosing to forgo them altogether.

Instead, designers are employing everything from virtual livestreams to flash mobs, socially-distanced outdoor runway shows, and video productions that feature their new apparel and accessories at the forefront — much like brands did at New York Fashion Week.

London Fashion Week is slated to include a balanced mix of physical and digital shows, while Milan and Paris will see the majority of brands opting for in-person presentations, that perhaps will host a smaller crowd than usual. Fashion houses like Fendi and Prada in Milan, as well as Chanel and Dior in Paris, are mostly planning live shows.

Ahead, find out what exactly Fashion Month looks like for the Spring 2021 season. These are unprecedented times, but designers have proved how resilient and creative they can be.

For the Spring 2021 season, the fashion house staged a presentation sans audience, with a runway show and performance streamed live on Twitch. Dancers executed their routine surrounded by a cloud of orange smoke while Eliza Douglas sangs and models took to the makeshift runway in the middle of an undisclosed forest.

The collection’s "mermaid and shark" theme materialized in swirling blue patterns rendered on crisp white shirts, towering thigh-high boots, structured trench jackets, and lots of leather.

If it wasn’t for the utter lack of an audience, those looking at the images of Erdem’s Spring 2021 collection wouldn’t have known that it was staged amid a global pandemic. The collection had designer Erdem Moralioglu’s iconic romantic whimsicality, via puff sleeves, ethereal silhouettes, and — of course — allover florals. That said, the quiet Epping Forest, nearly 2500 acres of ancient woodland, north of London, meant that the only audience the models experienced were the trees.

Only a few days before the start of London Fashion Week, Victoria Beckham canceled her initially-planned runway show. Although permitted under London guidelines, she noted that she didn’t think the showing would be appropriate, considering the state of the world right now.

Instead, industry insiders were invited in groups of three at a time to the Hoxton Art gallery location to view her presentation — and handed “VB” facemasks upon entry.

With the collection, she brought new life to the state of the world, with vibrant colors and easy silhouettes that have wearers looking towards happier days.

Wickstead crafted the majority of her collection out of cotton, which was largely due to an inability to secure various fabrics during lockdown. What resulted, however, was a clean and crisp collection that felt exactly like what every woman is looking to wear in this new world she is navigating.

To present the collection, in lieu of a formal presentation, the designer commissioned documentary filmmaker Robin Mellor to shoot a short film that featured women of all ages, shapes, sizes, and races.

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