Ellen DeGeneres has joined the non-fungible token art bandwagon. This week, the comedian dropped her first artwork on the Bitski marketplace after announcing the venture earlier this month.

On the Ellen Show, DeGeneres explained what NFTs were before taking a selfie of a photo of a cat that she drew. The exact same photo is what the funny woman put on sale on NFT.

Portia de Rossi’s wife called the photo Woman with Stick Cat, and it will also include a never-before-sold monologue from DeGeneres.

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All proceeds from the sale will be donated to DeGeneres’ friend, Chef Jose Andres’s non-government organization, the World Central Kitchen.

According to Variety, only one person can win DeGeneres’ monologue. But during the second auction, 10 people can bid for a high-resolution copy of the photo that she drew. An unlimited number of “open edition” digital copies are also up on sale throughout the next 24 hours since it launched online.

As of writing, there are only two bids for the platinum Woman With Stick Cat package. The first bid was for $250 and the latest one is for $269. There are still 10 slots remaining from the gold package that is priced at $2,500. DeGeneres’ silver package priced at $100 still doesn’t have any bids.

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DeGeneres won’t make a single cent from NFT, and she most likely doesn’t mind. After all, the comedian has been raking in millions throughout the past couple of years.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, DeGeneres’ income is estimated between $329 to $500 million. And she also ranks 12th on Forbes’ list of highest-paid celebrities in the world.

Last year, DeGeneres reportedly made $84 million, which is still a hefty sum considering that she was involved in multiple controversies.

The Finding Dory voice actor was accused of being a mean girl by some of her former employees on Ellen Show. Several others also claimed that there was bullying and racism on the set of the talk show.

Following the controversy, there were speculations that Ellen Show will get axed or that DeGeneres will be replaced. However, the comedian signed a three-year deal for her show. This means that she will continue to host it until 2023 and possibly even beyond.

According to Popbuzz, DeGeneres earns $77 million a year from Ellen Show, which means that she would suffer a great loss if the program gets canceled after 2023.

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