Finally! Capricorn season was lowkey (highkey?) a shit show, thanks to the back-to-back eclipses and the Saturn/Pluto conjunction drama, but after what felt like an eternity of way too many cardinal earth sign energy, you’re finally getting a much-needed breath of fresh air.

On January 20, the Sun moves into fixed air sign Aquarius, getting rid of the way-too-serious, industrial, pragmatic vibes of Capricorn season, and ushering in a new season that turns your focus to opening up your heart and your mind to new connections, appreciating the uniqueness in others, and expressing your genuine self unapologetically! Geminis, Libras, and Aquarius: this next month is for you! Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio, this Aquarius season might be too busy to handle, NGL.

Aquarius season is one of the most social times of year because Aquarius is the sign of friendship and social circles. It’s also the most eccentric sign, and Aquarian types are unashamed of expressing themselves fully. You’re focused on your friends most of all rn, and you’re beginning to recognize all of your loved ones’ unique traits and understanding that the parts you love most about them are their weird talents, hobbies, or habits, and you’re celebrating all of it with them. Your crew is also noticing all of your quirks, and showing you that they love that weird parts of you, too! You’re learning that everybody is truly one-of-a-kind, and understanding the value that comes with the individuality of each person you connect with.

It’s weird how light-and-airy Aquarius season can also be a time where you learn so much and develop an incredibly deep understanding of others, but hey, it wouldn’t be Aquarius season if it wasn’t so strange and complex, right?

You’re feeling more progressive and want to see a positive change in the world right now. The deeper understanding of other people–in a one-on-one basis as well as on a grander “big picture” scale–is helping you understand that despite our differences, everybody deserves to be treated as equals. If you’re feeling particularly political or driven by a specific social justice issue, form a group or join an organization that wants the same societal change as you. Aquarius season is all about teamwork and networking, and it’s the most radical sign, so if there was ever a perfect time to start, it’s definitely now!

BTW, try to be careful of being too brainy right now. Aquarius season is great for learning, communicating, and thinking logically without letting your biases or past assumptions about others get in your way, but it might get to a level where you detach from your emotions in this effort to be perfectly objective. You can honor your feelings without letting them prevent you from connecting with others, and you can still make deep connections with others by showing them that you don’t judge them, you accept and love them for the 100 percent unique individual they are.

The next month wants you to squad up with your homies and let your freak flag fly! You’re uplifting each other and working towards a brighter future for all of you with this progressive, forward-moving season, and breezing by all the B.S. and drama of Capricorn season. Have fun!

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