Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are trying to ensure trust and a deep closeness in their rekindled relationship by sharing their passwords for their social media accounts and phones with each other. Get the details on how it’s helping them to work on their jealousy.

Gigi Hadid, 23, and Zayn Malik, 25, want to do things differently this time in their rekindled relationship to make sure they get it right and that includes sharing passwords with each other. “They made a commitment to put their relationship first this time around, they both really want it to work,” a friend of Gigi’s EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “One thing they have agreed to do from now on is to have total transparency. They both get jealous at times so they’ve now agreed to share all passwords and give each other the right to check any messages on social media, phones, whatever. They probably won’t take advantage of it much but it helps their peace of mind to be able to, it helps them both feel safer.”

Gigi and Zayn have seemed to be doing a good job in making things right this time with how close they’ve been. Ever since they announced their split back in Mar., fans everywhere have been devastated but it didn’t take long for them to be seen getting cozy once again. Their love just doesn’t want to quit and we adore the way they’ve been continuing to work on their romance.

The lasting lovebirds made headlines with their cuteness when Zayn took to Instagram to post a sweet photo of himself sporting purple hair and handing a flower to what we’re pretty sure was Gigi’s hand. The adorable gesture was another piece of proof that these two couldn’t be more head over heels in love with each other. We can’t wait to see where they go from here!

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