A mysterious pervert wearing a gimp suit is said to be still on the loose in a sleepy village.

The man has been terrorising villagers in Claverham, Somerset, for over a year, jumping from dark spots while making sexual gestures and grunting, say residents.

Dubbed "gimp man" by residents, the man has been spotted in a full, latex black suit.

On almost every occasion he has escaped before anyone could stop him – or even ask why he’s terrorising the village.

One victim, Abi Conroy, 23, says she was confronted by the man wearing fetish clothing as he was "grunting and breathing heavily", reports the Daily Star.

She said: "He kept coming towards me and was touching his groin, grunting and breathing heavy.

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"As I tried to take a step back he was right in front of my face and he put his leg forward."

She added: "I was just trying to assess the situation in my head quickly.

"Everything was running through my head.

"I thought: 'This is it, I'm going to get attacked'.

"Every time I close my eyes I just see that face."

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Abi's wife Pip said the sightings had actually been going on for the past four years – and even said animals are sometimes involved.

Pip said: "He'd let himself into people's gardens and has been seen humping their grass or breathing on their window sills, strange things like that.”

After a number of police complaints, a helicopter and sniffer dogs were sent out – leading to the arrest of two men.

However, they were later released without charge and Cambridgeshire Live report the weirdo is "still on the loose".

A police spokesman said: "Since November last year, we’ve received 14 reports of a man approaching people while wearing disguises, one of which was a black body suit.

"In some of the incidents the offender is said to have performed indecent acts.

"The man, aged in his 30s, was arrested this afternoon on suspicion of indecency offences and he is currently in police custody.

"The arrest comes after a man in his 20s arrested yesterday was earlier released on police bail.

"Inquiries into the incidents are ongoing.”

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