If a man can’t come to a Wetherspoons, the pub has to come to him.

Danny Lake was gutted when the coronavirus lockdown meant he wouldn’t be able to go to his favourite Wetherspoon for his 21st birthday.

His girlfriend Elise Richardson, 19, came up with a genius solution: she built a replica of his local boozer, The Dockle Farmhouse, in Danny’s dining room – complete with the same carpet.

The couple are currently living with Danny’s parents in Highworth, Wiltshire.

With help from his relatives, Elise created personalised paper plates, made a replica sign to hang over the door, and added a printed out version of the carpet found on the floors of his local ‘spoons.

A massive printed poster of the pub’s exterior meant Danny could feel like he was really in the garden of his favourite spot.

On his birthday, Danny was presented with a handmade burger cake complete with sides and bottomless drinks, all included in the ‘price’ of his meal.

Elise said: ‘It was his 21st and we knew he wouldn’t be allowed out.

‘We asked him what he wanted to do and he said he really wanted to go to a Wetherspoons.

‘Me and his parents thought why don’t we throw him a Wetherspoons party and it got out of hand.

‘The first thing we did was the paper plates, we were trying so hard to find actual Wetherspoons plates but we couldn’t find them anywhere.

‘But I found a company online where you could personalise paper plates, so I got a picture of the plate online and then just made them myself.

‘Dan’s uncle managed to make the Wetherspoons sign that’s outside and shipped it down to us which is amazing. That’s going to be around forever.

‘The backdrop and the carpet we got from a printing company and all the other little things we just bought online.

‘Even his nan said she wouldn’t know that he wasn’t there.’

Danny said: ‘I was speechless. I’d mentioned having a birthday at Wetherspoons as a joke but I didn’t think they’d take it seriously.

‘I found it funny but I couldn’t really believe they’d gone to that much effort. I’m sure I’ll go back to the Dockle after lockdown.

‘It will probably be a bit weird going outside and it looking the same, but I’m pretty sure that even the Dockle can’t beat my Wetherspoons at home.’

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