Give In to the K-Pop Craze With These Superstar Bands Your Playlist Absolutely Needs

Bright lights, catchy vocals, animated dance moves, incredible aesthetics, addicting music videos, and screaming fans. Anyone is capable of falling in love with the world of K-pop. In 2019, K-pop idols have dominated pop culture, breaking multiple records on YouTube and receiving an unprecedented number of awards across the world. The rise of bands like BTS and Blackpink have introduced millions of fans to the incredible world of K-pop and brought this Korean music right into the mainstream. There’s an infinite number of extraordinary K-pop idols in the industry, though, who astound us with their stunning visuals and breathtaking artistry. Here are 11 amazing K-pop bands who have captured our hearts, as well as a playlist with their best hits. Just remember to download the free Spotify app to listen.

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