Who doesn’t love a good Pinterest hack — marble splashbacks, Rattan furniture or some seriously ’70s inspired terrazzo, you name it.

So, when Pinterest says to hang a plant from your shower head — you say, how high?

Apparently, people are tying eucalyptus to their bathroom features now. Why, you ask? Well, the idea is that the steam from the shower causes the greenery to release essential oils, bringing with it all kinds of anti-stress, energizing and decongesting benefits.

Sounds lovely, right? And apparently, the web thinks so too. The latest Pinterest data shows this idea has already surged by 317 percent this year.

The good news is, all you need is a bunch of eucalyptus and some string. You then tie it around the showerhead, placing it above or below the stream of water rather than directly in it.

And it doesn’t need to stop there; it also works for lavender, which can be ideal for nighttime due to its relaxing properties.

What about if you don’t have an overflowing herb garden nearby to go foraging through at a moment’s notice? Do not fret. You can also use essential oils – just pop a few drops into a little dish or bowl and place it in the shower.

Voila, you’re very own home spa.

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