From the stranger who gave a homeless man new shoes to the boy rocking his baby sister to sleep: Heartwarming photos capture the moments that will restore your faith in humanity

  • People have been sharing the most heartwarming moments caught on camera
  • One photo shows a teacher who delivered his class to a pupil in hospital 
  • Another shows a man giving a pair of shoes to a homeless person who has none

When you’re having a rough day, it can feel like the whole world is against you.

But these small acts of kindness just might reassure you that there is a lot of good out there.

People from around the world have been sharing heartwarming moments caught on camera on social media. 

The online gallery, compiled by Bored Panda, features people engaging in selfless acts.

In one heartwarming photo, a man can be seen giving a homeless stranger his shoes, while another was snapped while nursing an injured bear back to health. 

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This teacher visited a seriously ill pupil in hospital to fill him in on what he’d missed in class 

A zoo keeper comforts an orphaned gorilla with a hug after it lost its parents

A baby girl looks very comfortable as her big brother rocks her to sleep

A homeless man was left overwhelmed when a kind stranger presented him with a pair of shoes 

A dog who was treated by this vet for severe burns gives him a warm greeting at his surgery

A waitress helps cut up an elderly man’s breakfast at the restaurant she works at after losing the use of his hands

A man who came across an injured bear on a hike managed to nurse it back to health

An elderly man gives his beloved pet dog a push on a swing set in this adorable snap

Despite the loss of profit this restaurant insists on closing for a fortnight every year so the head chef can see his family at home in Thailand

This father kept a stuffed toy in his backpack to remind him of his child – 18 years later he still carries it in his backpack

The photo of this young boy staring into a gym went viral, so the gym offered him free membership

This man has paid regular visits to his local grooming parlour since his own pooch passed away just to spend time with some canines 

This lovable cat won’t eat unless someone is with him, so his family started eating their meals with them

A man who used to teach himself English by reading in his local Foyles store looks on with pride as he returns to buy a book written by his son 

Someone invented colourblind glasses to help people with the condition see colour for the first time and the wearer admits to being left in tears after taking a stroll through the neighbourhood in full colour 

An elderly lady describes all of the sculptures to her blind husband at an art museum

This carer made one of her residents with dementia’s Christmas as she posed for pics with him when his family couldn’t make it in for a visit 

Lorries block the bottom of a bridge to prevent a suicidal person from jumping 

An interracial couple who broke up because of ‘racist societal pressure’ met up and got married decades later

After a teacher taught his students how to use Microsoft Word using just a chalkboard the school received computer donations from around the world

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