Could you ace a school maths exam? Tricky quiz will test your knowledge – with questions taken from past GCSE and A-Level exams

  • Remote learning provider Oxbridge puts puzzlers maths skills to the test
  • Quiz features eight questions from past GCSE and A-Level exams in the UK 
  • Average time to complete is 2 minutes 45 secs – but can you finish it quicker?

A tricky new quiz will put your numeracy skills to the test as schools across the nation reopen this week.   

The quiz, which was put together by remote learning provider Oxbridge, asks players to select the correct answer from eight tricky questions collated from past AQA and Edexcel GCSE and A-Level exam papers.

The quiz-makers claim on average players guess 6/8 correctly, while only 10 per cent have been able to achieve a perfect score.

And while those aged 40-54  performed the best with an average score of 7, millennials (aged 25-39) and baby boomers (55+) only managed to get an average score of 5.

The average time taken to complete the quiz is 2 minutes 45 seconds – but can you finish it quicker and achieve perfect marks?  Scroll down for the answers…

A new quiz puts the nations knowledge of maths to the test with questions from past GCSE and A-Level exam papers (file image)










Q1. 98 – 8n

Q2. 27

Q3. Octagon

Q4. (-1, 8)

Q5. 6

Q6. (x−3)(x+2)(x+1)

Q7. £90.64.

Q8. 2/21. Logic: 1/7 x 2/3 = 1×2/7×3 = 2/21

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