We’ve entered that two month stage of lockdown now, where if you’ve been holding out on attempting any home hair DIY, you’ve probably thought about caving.

While women may be able to get away with some extra length, men will find their grown-out cuts more tricky to get used to. Thankfully influencer and male grooming expert Carl Thompson has created a simplified tutorial on how you can cut men’s hair at home using only a brush and a beard trimmer.

The style he’s going for is a gradient – where the sides are shorter than the top of the hair.

You can use any trimmer you have at home, but the one in Carl’s video is the Remington Lithium Barba Beard Trimmer, £39.99 here. This one is ideal as it comes with nine pre-set trim lengths, so you don’t have to fiddle about with swapping guards.

“I’ve done it once before but it was a lot shorter than it is now,” Carl claims, before getting started with the tutorial. But despite his reservations, he makes it look quite simple.

If you fancy giving it a go for yourself, here are the steps to follow…

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Step 1:Brush the hair out

…so it’s easier to cut, and the trimmer won’t get caught in any tangles.

Step 2: Start at the highest setting

Carl uses a setting nine to get rid of some length from all over his hair – which will make it easier to style. If you’re using an attachment, you want to pick the one that allows the least amount of hair to be cut.

Work the trimmer through your full head of hair, avoiding pressing it right on the scalp.

Step 3: Start on the sides

To create a gradient effect on the sides, you want to start at the lowest setting – Carl uses a one, but you could do two or three if you don’t want it quite so short. Work the trimmer through the section of hair just above the ears and around the back at the nape of the neck.

Step 4: Move up a level

If you think of the sides of your hair in three levels, you want to go up a setting on the trimmer each time you get to a new one. For the second level, Carl recommends a setting two or three.

Blend this level into the first, working your way around the head again.

Step 5: Trim the top level of the sides

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Go up another setting or two on your trimmer (setting four or five), depending on how short you’re going. For this top layer, you want to take out some more weight around the sides and the back of your hair, so it blends nicely into the other layers. Leave the bulk of hair at the front, for now.

“It’s not an exact science,” Carls says, as he trims the top layer. “And it won’t be exactly like going to the barbers, but it’s something!”

Step 6: Finish with the front

You want to go back to around a setting eight for the top of your hair, and use the trimmer in sweeping motions across this section – feathering it through the ends.

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