During the moments she's not on date nights with her husband, Moeller has been resting and preparing for the arrival of her little one while keeping Conlin in the loop.

"Shona has been really great with sending pictures, and Forest gets monitored a few times a day and she calls me every time it happens so I’m able to hear his heartbeat," he told GMA.

When Forest finally does arrive, Conlin will be allowed in the delivery room. The dad-to-be told GMA he already has his bag packed and looks forward to when he can reunite with his wife, as well as meet his new son.

In the meantime, a GoFundMe page has been set up for the couple by their doula to assist with their medical bills for Moeller's lengthy stay in the hospital and Forest's anticipated stay in the NICU once he's born.

"As a couple in their 40s, they had tried for over a year for this baby," their doula, Hillary Hittner, wrote on the page. "When they found out that they finally conceived they were overjoyed, as well as a little scared, to be honest."

"If you personally know Shona and Bob, you know that they are love. They stand for love and they share their love freely," she continued. "They are grateful for any support you and your family could provide."

"Especially when we are all hurting, scared and confused given our current state of the world," Hittner added. "It would mean the world to have the stress and fear of this financial strain out of the picture while they focus on keeping mama and this miracle baby healthy."

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