DEAR DEIDRE: I ENJOY having sex with my boyfriend now and again, but I get nothing out of it apart from intimacy.

I am unsure whether I have ever reached orgasm.

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My boyfriend is up for sex a lot more than I am. I am 20 and he is 23.

We believe that I don’t feel the urge to have sex because I don’t reach orgasm.

We have been together for two years.

We’ve tried sex toys but just as it begins to feel nice, it goes, and I get too irritated and impatient to continue.

It is really starting to come between us.

DEIDRE SAYS: Very few women climax through intercourse alone and need stimulation of the clitoris as well, which a vibrator is designed to do.

That nice feeling could be you nearing orgasm, and then maybe you tense against it because you and your boyfriend are so anxious about the issue.

My e-leaflet Orgasm For Women explains how to en-joy your sexual responses.

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