Iggy Azalea is living her best life! The rapper has ‘never felt sexier’ than she has right now, but it took a few lifestyle changes to get here. Here’s how she became ‘super proud of her body again.’

Iggy Azalea feels amazing right now, and it’s largely in part to some big lifestyle changes. The 28-year-old rapper has become committed to healthy living, which has in turn made her feel pretty incredible about herself. “A few months ago Iggy went on a major diet and health kick. She normally does not diet, but she wasn’t feeling her best so she decided to cut out all the crap food for a month,” a friend of Iggy’s tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY.

“She stopped eating fast food and pizza and she pretty much gave up all sugar and simple carbs. Iggy was only planning to do the diet for a month but it’s been over three months now and she’s still eating really healthy,” the insider explained, adding that the “Fancy” singer’s also stepped up her exercise routine. “She’s been working out a lot more too and it’s totally paid off because she looks and feels amazing. She feels empowered and super proud of her body again.”

Iggy’s “confidence really took a hit” and she “wasn’t feeling so great” after the drama that went down with ex-fiancé Nick Young. After the pair got engaged in June 2015, their relationship hit a major snag in March 2016 when the basketball player allegedly admitted to cheating on Iggy. The couple split up three months later.

During their engagement, Nick also allegedly became involved with his ex, Keonna Green, who was pregnant with his child at the time of Nick and Iggy’s breakup. “He cheated on her so much but the ultimate betrayal – getting his ex pregnant behind her back – that hit harder than even she likes to admit,” the pal explained. “All the lies and the cheating, she was in dark place. But she climbed out of it and she feels better than she ever has.”

As for the four-time Grammy nominee, “her confidence is sky high again,” the source said. “She’s never felt sexier and she doesn’t see anything wrong with showing off her hot body. She loves twerking for her fans and showing off her amazing body. They love it, they give her so much appreciation and positive feedback that it only makes her want to do it more.”

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