He’s a keeper! Hilarious gallery reveals the dutiful boyfriends who put themselves in VERY awkward positions to capture their other halves’ ‘candid’ Instagram snaps

  • Hilarious images reveal the patient men behind women’s Instagram snaps 
  • Husbands and boyfriends were snapped making their partner’s vision a reality 
  • One man dangled out of a train carriage while another lay on a busy road 
  • Others climbed up trees and did the splits in a bid to get the perfect angle 

Instagram is filled with snaps of glamorous women in seemingly candid poses. 

But these hilarious photos reveal how much effort goes into creating each ‘spontaneous’ shot – and the dutiful men standing behind the camera. 

Social media account Boyfriends of Instagram reveals shots of the husbands and boyfriends who are forced to put themselves into awkward positions to fulfill their partner’s artistic vision for their next social media snap.

Some of the more outrageous images, which were collated by Bored Panda, show men laying on busy roads, climbing up trees and dangling above pools in a bid to capture the perfect shot. 

Here, FEMAIL shares some of the best examples…  

Don’t let go! Instagram account ‘The Boyfriends of Instagram’ has revealed how some men go to extraordinary lengths to capture the perfect photo of their partner. Pictured, one determined man dangles over the pool as his girlfriend poses on the side in yoga gear

Watch your step! This man climbed up a tree to get the best angle of his posing partner

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They had the same idea! This photo taken on a beach in Thailand captures three separate Instagram boyfriends dutifully snapping photos of their plus-ones as they pose in the shallows

Road block: This slightly terrifying photo shows a man risking his life by lying on the road as his girlfriend poses casually against the backdrop of the New York skyline

Daring: The woman and her partner both seem to be taking a risk as they pose for an Instagram classic on this ledge – with the man leaning precariously over the side of a platform

Not your average family photo! A father almost does the splits in the sand as he photographs his flexible wife – who adopts a yoga pose while cradling their baby in one arm

Getting creative: This loyal man had no qualms about laying down on the floor and twisting awkwardly so he could snap the perfect picture of his partner and friends

Getting down and dirty: An extraordinary pose required an extraordinary angle, and this boyfriend was only too happy to oblige by lying down on the grass 

Going to great heights! This man enlisted the help of a friend to make the angle even more flattering for the image of these four girls sunning themselves on the beach 

Full steam ahead! Some of these photos should definitely come with a safety warning as this man risks his life by dangling out of a moving train to snap some photos of his partner

Tourist favourite: This man looks like he is worshiping his partner as he kneels down onto the grass in front of her to get the perfect photo with the Eiffel tower in the background

Flattering angle: This loyal man seems more than happy to miss out on this beach photo to ensure that it is as Instagram-worthy as it can be

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