Just-rolled-out-of-bed chic! Instagram users belt pillows to themselves to wear them as DRESSES in bizarre quarantine style challenge that is taking the social media site by storm

  • The hashtag #quarantinepillowchallenge has taken off on Instagram over the past few weeks as more and more people are self-isolating at home 
  • To complete the challenge, people simply have to belt a stuffed pillow to their front, to make it look like a dress that has been belted at the waist 
  • Some people have used plain white pillows, while others have opted for more colorful or even textures designs 
  • More than 4,800 people have posted images of themselves using the hashtag 

With millions of people around the world currently quarantining at home amid the coronavirus pandemic, casual clothing and comfy loungewear has seen a serious spike in popularity. 

But one new Instagram trend is really taking self-isolation style to a whole new level of comfort, with quarantined social media users turning their pillows into dresses using just a belt. 

Using the hashtag #quarantinepillowchallenge, dozens of fashion-forward Instagrammers have flaunted their just-rolled-out-of-bed looks, with many choosing to accessorize their comfortable ensembles with designer handbags, high heels, and even some statement jewelry. 

Some have also chosen to add some extra flair to their pillow dresses by using textured or colored fabric, with woman posing in a white shaggy design, while another went for a bright orange pillow.  

Others have added some juxtaposition to their images by wearing their bed linen in an outdoor setting, including one chic Instagrammer who donned her pillow dress to pose on a rather fancy-looking balcony. 

Indeed it seems the only requirements for this challenge are a pillow – and a body to belt it to.  

Style meets comfort! Instagram users are belting pillows to themselves to wear as dresses in a bizarre new quarantine style challenge

Fashion-forward: Using the hashtag #quarantinepillowchallenge, thousands of Instagrammers have posted photos of themselves wearing their pillow dresses

Shaking things up: While some people have opted for plain pillow cases, others have added some extra flair to their looks by using a textured version

Volume: This Instagram user chose to belt two pillows to herself for an even more over-the-top dress design  

Chic and simple: Many of the Instagram users posed for professional-looking shots while wearing their pillow dresses 

Inside out! Others chose to add some juxtaposition to their pictures by wearing their ensembles in an outdoor setting 

Creature comforts: This Instagrammer chose to add a few fashionable accessories to her pillow look, but kept things low-key by wearing a towel on her head 

Snap snap! A few people have posed for pictures in their pillow dresses while showing off their beds in the background 

Bold and bright: One very artistic woman wore her pillow outfit while painting

Work it: Patterned pillow cases proved popular with some Instagram users who were looking for a more exciting take on the trend 

Summer chic: Another person made her pillow dress look like the perfect beach ensemble

Hello friend: This chic Instagrammer appeared to match her pillow dress to her bear’s tie 

Animal instincts: From fur to leopard print, the fashionistas found funky ways to change up their pillow dresses and make them stand out from the crowd

Perfect place: This woman didn’t have to venture very far to find an appropriate setting for her pillow dress picture

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