Is it just me? Or are you suffering from TV tyranny, too? asks LAURA FREEMAN 

Is it just me? Or are you suffering from TV tyranny, too? asks LAURA FREEMAN

  • Laura Freeman says we live in a golden age of television with small screen stars
  • She revealed she’s behind on shows including Body Guard and Big Little Lies
  • She describes herself as sofa soufflé collapsing in the heat of must-watch telly

Only Biscuit Week — and already I have fallen behind. I’ve missed Manon’s Wagon Wheels, Karen’s cardamom ‘selfie’ and Imelda’s seaside shortbread.

Thanks to Twitter, I know who baked what and — spoiler alert — who left the tent by the back flap.

But I haven’t watched this year’s inaugural Great British Bake Off.

I’m behind on BBC drama Bodyguard, too: on Keeley Hawes’s power bob and her protector’s powerful pecs.

I haven’t seen so much as a trailer for Big Little Lies, 13 Reasons Why or Orange Is The New Black. But I know that Everyone Is Talking About Them.

Or was talking about them. They’re probably talking about something else now. Glow, Insatiable, Maniac . . .

Laura Freeman questions the rise of must-watch TV and small screen stars replacing Hollywood (file image) 

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I met a woman at a wedding last week who introduced her toddler daughter as Cersei. ‘That’s a pretty name,’ I said.

‘Yes,’ said the mother. ‘From Game Of Thrones.’

I look up Cersei on Wikipedia: scheming, cruel and incestuous.

What about a nice name like Liz? She comes out of The Crown very well.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians? I can’t keep up with Inspector Morse!

We live, say the pundits, in a golden age of television. Now, the stars are all on the small screen. Hollywood clutches its Oscars and looks jealously at House Of Cards.

But what to do with this embarrassment of box set riches?

Take out subscriptions to Netflix, Amazon Prime and Sky Atlantic?

Alternate hedonistic Patrick Melrose with square-jawed Jack Ryan, Vanity Fair with Love Island, Poldark with Hannibal?

Oh, heavens, it’s Cake Week tomorrow!

Forget soggy bottoms. I’m a soggy sofa soufflé, collapsing in the red-hot heat of must-watch telly.

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