My daughter just graduated and has had a few virtual interviews but no offers as of yet. I think she would benefit from a personal career coach who could help her with interviewing skills and techniques. Do you think that would be worthwhile?

Many firms offer resources like these for employees who have been laid off, so it’s logical that such support would be beneficial to those who are just starting out in their career. I’ve conducted many interviews where I thought, “Geez — how is this person ever going to get a job if they present themselves this way in every interview?” However, I wouldn’t base the decision solely on the fact that your daughter hasn’t landed a job yet. Even great interviewers with impressive resumes can take months to land a job, even in the best of times. The first place I would turn to is your daughter’s college. Most schools offer some support or can recommend programs that they’ve vetted. After the big investment of college, a little extra expense to make sure you are positioning yourself as marketable and effective is worthwhile.

How can I take a vacation when we are working remotely and basically not allowed to travel? Can I tell my employer that I am simply unplugging from the constant e-mails and Zoom calls for a week, even though I am sitting at home?

Yes, and you should. Staycations are not unusual, and taking a break from work and your screen is critical for your mental health, perhaps now more than ever. Don’t apologize or feel guilty for taking the time. Smart companies are encouraging employees to take their personal time. Don’t be tempted to check in periodically, either, or you’ll get dragged back in all the way. As with any vacation, it’s prudent and professional to say where you can be reached in an emergency, but otherwise unwind and enjoy yourself. Most of us are operating under more stressful conditions now, and we often don’t realize the toll it is taking until we truly step back.

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