Actor Isaac Kappy is currently being investigated by the Los Angeles Police Department after allegedly harassing and stalking Seth Green and his wife Clare. The actor who has had small roles in Thor and Terminator: Salvation also has allegedly choked Paris Jackson just a month ago at a game night party, according to TMZ.

Kappy has been repeatedly accusing Seth Green of pedophilia. He posted a video on his Periscope days ago accusing Green and other celebrities like Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks. “At the top level, these people are just sick and psycho!” he rambles in the video, according to the Santa Monica Observer.

The final straw for police to open up an investigation was a tweet made by Kappy last Wednesday.

“In light of the interesting traffic happening around my house I want to make something CRYSTAL CLEAR: while I am a VERY strong advocate of peaceful disclosure, make no mistake, assets are in place and if you kill me or even try, it will rain.50 cals in the Hollywood Hills.”

TMZ reported a threat of a 50-caliber bullet shootout was enough to open a case.

Kappy has been sending letters and threatening Green and his wife but he apparently declares love for the couple.

Oh hai

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One letter he wrote in all capital letters is a tangent to Green’s wife. The letter is up on TMZ, and he starts off by saying “Happy Bday Clare!” and continues saying, “I love you very much and care about you deeply. Please know that I wouldn’t do anything to harm you.” The letter continues, “I think you would agree that it would be extremely foolish of me to blindly trust that my goodwill goes both ways.” He continues the letter with veiled threats saying that if he meets an “untimely demise M.A.D.” that he set up a series of “triggering events.” The rant continues with the explanation “everyone I’ve ever loved has done horrible things to me and I want to remain alive.” He ends the letter with a very cryptic, “Now please crumple up this letter and burn it. :)”

In addition to the eerie letters, the Santa Monica Observer posted a video of his 48-minute rant of alleged pedophiles. According to the Santa Monica Observer, “He accuses the Rothschilds of “cannibalism.” Kappy says that Mark Thompson, “who runs the New York Times, ran the BBC for years, and they let him run rampant for years.” He regards Pizzagate as having been “proven and documented.”

Kappy hasn’t made a statement about the police investigation.

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