James Evans is recognized for his oil paintings that feature discarded objects such as ketchup packets, crushed beer cans, and Trojan condom packages. Last year, Evans moved to Mexico City, where the artist is currently based, to experiment with new compositions that teeter between abstraction and realism. The resulting, yet ongoing, body of work consists of pieces that present obscure realities and fragmented scenes from everyday life to reflect the “new normal” that the world is slowly adjusting to in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis and social unrest.

The artist will show these new works in an upcoming exhibition titled “A Manner of Forgetting” at New York City’s GR Gallery this fall. “The pieces probe how something recognizable can quickly devolve into obscurity or abstraction when it is confined in some regard. The paintings deconstruct the uncertainty of living in a new normal, placing an emphasis on what shields the subject matter and alters our perception,” said James in a statement.“At the core of the show are a series of Constraint Equations, paintings made in quarantine in Mexico City with the intent of documenting the newfound feeling of restraint.”

Evans is set to display a total of 15 paintings for the show that marks a new chapter in his artist career and his return to the New York art scene after moving to Mexico City. The artist will be present for the opening on September 4 with attendance regulated by the gallery in accordance to the New York City healthcare guidelines. “A Manner of Forgetting” will then conclude on October 10.

Check out select artworks in the slideshow above and then visit GR Gallery’s website to learn more about the exhibition.

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GR Gallery
255 Bowery
New York, NY 10002
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