John Mayer: singer, songwriter — beauty influencer?

The blues guitarist took to Instagram Stories on Monday night, to give his fans the makeup tutorial for which they’ve (apparently) been begging.

“I’ve been getting a lot of comments lately asking when am I gonna do a smoky-eye tutorial,” Mayer says, wielding a Chanel eye-shadow palette.

The musician then proceeds to smear copper shadow over one eyelid, while providing running commentary about the tools he’s using: first a foam applicator, then his finger.

“You see a lot of tutorials showing you what brushes you need to have . . . I really believe all you need [are] ones that come with them,” Mayer says.

Adding a greenish hue to both corners of his eye, Mayer adds, “You want to accentuate the roundness of your eyeballs,” like a totally normal human.

Finishing up, the musician reveals a look that’s less traditional smoky eye than Ursula the sea witch.

“I’m sorry, did somebody nail it? No, they didn’t, but they came close and that’s all that matters,” the freshly minted beauty vlogger tells the camera.

Dear John: Thanks for the laughs.

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