Judy Murray slams a top tennis club as ‘shameful’ for DEMOTING a head coach after she returned to work after having a baby

  • Former Fed Cup coach blasted unnamed top tennis centre for ‘demoting’ a female coach after she returned from a period of maternity leave
  • She alleged the club’s behaviour had been ‘shameful’ but didn’t publicly name it
  • Murray, 59, is the mother of GB tennis stars Andy and Jamie Murray 
  • British number one Andy Murray has long since described himself as a feminist

Judy Murray has raged on Twitter about sexism in sport, claiming that a female coach at one of Scotland’s biggest tennis centres had been ‘demoted’ after returning to work after having a baby.

The former Fed Cup coach, mother of British tennis stars Andy and Jamie Murray, said the experience of the female head coach at the tennis club was ‘shameful’.

The tweets prompted a furious response from social media users with many asking whether the demotion was ‘legal’ or sharing their own similar experiences. 

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Judy Murray, seen coaching children, launched a scathing attack on one of Scotland’s ‘biggest tennis centres’ claiming they’d demoted a female head coach after she’d had a baby

Murray wrote: ‘When a young head coach at one of Scotland’s biggest clubs returns to work after having a baby….and discovers she has been demoted and her hours reduced. WITHOUT ANY CONSULTATION. #everydaysexism.’ 

The mother-of-two, famous for her passionate displays in the stands watching her sons,  followed up with: ‘It’s shameful. No wonder it’s so tough to encourage women into sports coaching. No salaried jobs, no security, no career pathways…’ 

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The responses came thick and fast, with many asking Murray to ‘name and shame’ the club in question.

One social media user, @Laura_Lord, wrote: ‘Having gone through a similar situation, my heart goes out to her. Sadly that approach to working mums is so common across tennis, all sports and beyond.’   

The 59-year-old tennis coach called out the sport for not offering salaries and decent employment rights to coaches

The proud mother-of-two, pictured with Jamie, said the woman’s demotion was an example of everyday sexism

‘You can see why so few women hold senior positions in sport when they’re forced to choose between motherhood and work.’   

@JanHarr73700470 added: ‘It is illegal but also absolutely disgusting that her own employers thought it was OK to treat her this way at all. Having a baby isn’t a crime.’ 

@k4renm4c said the problem was endemic in sport. She wrote: ‘I think a lot of people are assuming it’s men that made this decision. Let’s not discriminate ourselves!!! I’ve seen women treat other women badly too.

‘The problem is a lack of process and accountability within clubs. People do whatever they want without consequences. ‘

MailOnline has contacted Judy Murray for comment. 

British number one Andy has long since described himself as a feminist, calling out sexism he’s encountered in the sport. 

Andy Murray has long since called himself a feminist, calling out reporters who’ve asked him sexist questions, winning praise from Serena Williams

The 30-year-old Scottish tennis goliath wrote last year: ‘People often underestimate the amount of work that it takes to become a top tennis player. And that work ethic is the same whether you are a man or a woman.

He continued: ‘There are hours spent in the gym, on court, in physio, travelling, analysing matches and opponents, talking with your team, managing your body, and of course, making plenty of sacrifices.

‘Anyone who has spent any time with any of the top women will know that they make those same sacrifices and are as determined and committed to winning as any of the top men on the tour.’

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