Juror in Gwyneth Paltrow Ski Crash Trial Speaks Out

"The whole thing was a little shocking to me," said Samanta Imrie, who was juror No. 11 in the trial.

A juror in Gwyneth Paltrow’s ski collision trial is opening up following the Goop founder’s win.

On Thursday, the jury ruled in Paltrow’s favor, voting that Dr. Terry Sanderson caused their 2016 ski accident in Utah and was “100% at fault.” Sanderson previously sued Paltrow for more than $300,000, saying her reckless skiing led to broken ribs and permanent brain damage. She countersued for $1 and attorney fees, claiming he was responsible for the crash. The jury awarded the actress the $1 she had filed in her countersuit.

One of the jurors who sided with Paltrow — Samantha Imrie — shared details about the trial, and how she made her decision in an interview with ABC News, which aired on Friday’s episode of “Good Morning America.”

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“The whole thing was a little shocking to me,” said Imrie, who was juror No. 11 in the trial.

While the 31-year-old told ABC News that she “changed her opinion multiple times” during the trial, she agreed that Paltrow’s testimony was “convincing.”

“I think there was, in the back of my mind, yes, this woman’s an actress and I took that into account, but I didn’t feel she had a reason to lie under oath,” Imrie explained. “She’s always in the spotlight so she always has to be honest.”

However, she alluded that she didn’t believe, Sanderson, a 76-year-old retired optometrist, was as honest.

“He was telling his truth and I think unfortunately some of that has been distorted due to some other factors, but I do think he did not intend to tell a truth that wasn’t his truth,” Imrie said.

Imrie also said that the photos of Sanderson’s traveling after the accident — and his alleged injuries — were detrimental to his case.

“I think I wrote down, ‘Wow, I need to make some more money so I can go travel this way,’ she recalled. “I wouldn’t have thought he was capable of those things based on the picture that had been painted.”

Meanwhile, Imrie credited Paltrow’s witness, Dr. Irving Scher, for solidifying her decision, and helping Paltrow win her case.

“He’s a snow sports expert in many different ways,” she said. “I think the fact that Dr. Scher could speak to the din settings and he specifically studied snow science, that he had a stronger opinion.”

Imrie — who is a nurse — went on to stress that Paltrow’s win was a result of the “evidence” and “law,” noting that the fact that Paltrow is an A-list actress wasn’t a factor.

“I think it’s important that the public doesn’t just think that this was a win because Gwyneth’s a celebrity. I mean, this is based on the evidence. This is based on the law,” she said. “I do work in medicine and you have to look at everyone the same. So I think that that should apply in the courtroom as well.”

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