Kanye West has finally dropped new music, and it appears that his new tune ‘Lift Yourself’ is all about poop. We’ve got the wild song where he riffs about ‘poopity scoop’ and other poop related lines

This can’t be real, right? Kanye West has dropped a new track called “Lift Yourself”  via his website on Apr. 27 and its beyond bizarre. It starts just fine, with several singers belting out the lines, “Lift yourself up on your feet. Lets get it on.” Then a bass beat comes in with some electronic riffs and then comes the next verse where he drops bars like “woop de poop de scoop, “poopity scoop,” “poop poop” “poop diddy woop scoop” and “scoopity woops.” He already revealed that a new album chock full of seven new songs would be dropping on June 1, but we’re not sure if this, umm interesting, new track is going to make the cut. You can listen Kanye’s new track here.

Earlier in the day on Apr. 27,  Yeezy tweeted, “I’m going to drop a song with a verse that will bring Ebro the closure he’s been seeking. The bars are fire.” In the song he made it a point to say to listen to the bars, which are nonsensical lines with poop and various rhymes about it that sound more like a child would come up with that the self anointed most creative genius to ever grace music.

It appears the tune is a clapback to Hot 97 radio host Ebro Darden. Yeezy had called into his Chicago morning radio show on Apr. 23 with an alleged off-air conversation that included a bunch of odd “I love you’s” followed by a promise to meet up. Ebro said he’d talked to Kanye over the previous weekend about his concerns over Ye’s public pro-Donald Trump stances as well as his support of alt-right talking head Candace Owens. In the days that followed, Kanye would go on more wild Twitter sprees that wife Kim Kardashian, 37, had to jump in. She told fans that there was nothing wrong with his mental health and that he was simply being “expressive.” Even pals like John Legend, 38, tried reasoning with Kanye in very sane ways but he ended up posting the crooner’s personal text to him online and Ye said that he was trying to “manipulate my free thought.”

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